Rather Often, Actually

I’m a mom of 3. Things get hectic. I explore ways to maintain my identity, discover new things I enjoy, and to avoid burning out completely.

The phrase I hear the most often when someone wants me to do something: When was the last time you did something for yourself, mom? 

  1. I’m not your mom.
  2. That statement is actually more likely to provoke mom guilt if I do it because you’re kind of labeling it selfish.
  3. I’m not going to tell you all the awesome things I opted to do for me.

Each year, I do something that is especially “me” centered. I train for races and travel for at least one with my girlfriends. I trained for a marathon twice, for goodness sakes. Last year, I had LASIK done. It took me less than a year to pay it off and I am pleased with the results. This year, I’m finally starting to have my teeth fixed. It might not seem like anything, but they’re expensive. I’ve avoided doing anything about them for the fear that I’ll use money that we’ll need for something more important as a family. I finally have a full set of bottom teeth! I couldn’t resist taking a selfie as soon as I left the dentist today.


Before and after

I do stuff for myself all of the time. I sometimes forget to take the time out to do it. I can’t afford to invest my time and/or money in every whim I get to try something. I spread myself a little thin with time anyway, so fitting that “me” stuff in can be challenging. AND….rewarding.

There shouldn’t be guilt attached to spending time investing in yourself. There’s also no limit to how much is acceptable. I spend time on my fitness most days of the week. That doesn’t mean I can’t do something other than that for me in addition to working out.

Thanks for reading!

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