2 steps back

1 step forward and 2 steps back; This is how I’ve been feeling about my journey to get back into distance running after my November injury. I have encountered repeated setbacks that threw me off the path back to running. This time, I started getting what seemed like hay fever. I felt congested and pretty miserable. That was abruptly ended by a virus that caused gastroenteritis in my family members and myself. I was weak and dehydrated and I’m still not quite back to normal.

My longest run since my injury has been 4.5 miles. I’m hoping to work my way up. My ankle hasn’t been in pain once I’ve warmed up, which took a little longer than it had in the past. The warming up taking longer has been widespread and hasn’t been focused only on the ankle.

It seems like other obligations have been taking up more time, as well. I try to schedule workouts and I can’t always predict things happening to interrupt that plan. I’ve had a few surprise “pick up your kid from school sick” calls as well as days I was needed the entire day without the chance to step away. People can call them excuses, and sometimes they might be. Truthfully, I don’t do well getting up extremely early and I can’t get to bed at an early hour most nights. My workouts are normally scheduled around my kids’ school, husband’s work, errands that are absolutely necessary, and volunteer work. I’m doing what I can with what I have and these stupid things keep pulling the trip wire on me.

I lose momentum and I get discouraged. I push hard when I come back. I get exhausted and discouraged because I can’t do what I did before. I see 11 minute miles where I was seeing 9 minute miles on short running distances. Let’s not focus on that pace, though. My husband whines about being slow in the 8 minute range, so we’re all very different.

What the hell was I trying to say? Right….I’m still fundraising and training for a marathon this year. I’m running 26.2 miles in October just like I’ve planned. I’m going to be in 10k shape for Illinois Marathon Weekend in Champaign, IL so I can run a mini challenge. Then, I’m going to increase my miles so I’m ready for marathon training by late May because that’s the plan. I just have to get up 1 more time than I’ve been knocked down to conquer this.

So join me? Maybe help out my fundraising? Let me know if you have any ideas! I have a run on the schedule tomorrow. I’m back out there now that I’m not sick. The most important lesson running has taught me that I can use right now is that “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.” So I will push and I will make the effort.

Next weekend, I’m hosting a wine tasting at my house for my Team Challenge fundraiser. This weekend, I’m brushing up on my wine knowledge, mostly of grape types since regions get me flustered. I’m making things for the party for scoring the wines and for any additional donations. I’m hoping it is a great success. I’ll have to post pics. So far, I have a coffee can covered in chalkboard paint to serve as my additional donation jar to show for it because I can’t decide on a few aspects of decor. I should probably hop back to it.

Thank you for reading!

Donations can be made on this page: http://online.ccfa.org/goto/MomJennGoal262

Every donation counts!


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