Countdown to glory!

Finally! We’re rounding out the 16 weeks of marathon training and leading into the weekend where my friends and I will run 26.2 miles in a race! I’ll bet you’re going to miss my constant rambling about training to run this race. Don’t worry, there will be more things for me to talk about.


Little reminder on my shoe of the work I’ve done and the work I have yet to do. (26.2 charm)

So far this week, I’ve been doing things around the house that are reminiscent of spring cleaning despite the calendar and leaves clearly displaying that it is autumn. I’ve managed to fill nail holes, wipe down walls and baseboards, clean windows (inside and out), touch up paint the exterior of the house, and so much other stuff that I can’t even remember. When people say OCD and they’re joking, I’m serious. I have mostly been able to push that away and deal with the obsessive thoughts that lead to the compulsive behavior. When the alert is on high, I kind of like using the compulsive cleaning to distract my mind. Besides, I’m hosting Thanksgiving at the end of the month and cleaning now is a good thing. I’ve also not had much time for the negative intrusive thoughts that major depression has been forcing on me for awhile now. I have felt anxiety, but also plain excitement over the upcoming challenge. I have visualized running and pushing through the thoughts that could try to stop me. I intend to push through and cross the finish.

I’ve also had packed bags since Monday. I’m leaving Friday to get my packet and check in to a hotel once my family members arrive to take care of the house and the kids. I have 3 bags packed with one of those bags stuffed inside of another that is filled with things that I can either gear check or have my husband lug around for me. I want to have time to toss stuff into the bags, but not be scrambling to get all of the items on my checklist. The checklist I have was based on one from our training group and I’ve managed to get those items into the bags and ready to go. Pre race dinner is reserved by a fellow group member and I’ve already checked out the menu for that. I will be having eggplant parmesan, which is something I’ve eaten regularly through this training session.

You could say that this final taper week has made me loopy, but that would probably be an understatement. I was definitely a little nuts before this training even started. After all, I did sign up to run 26.2 miles just for fun. I feel like each day this week is crawling. I’m taking extra electrolytes and vitamin c all week along with drinking more water daily. Though I’ve tried to stick with a healthy diet, Halloween was Monday and I imbibed a lot in some candy yesterday. It was sooooo good! Fortunately, I’ve prepped ahead most of my meals for the week, so I can’t stray too far and end up with fast food. After all, that would be risking some pretty hefty stomach discomfort.

All in all, this past 16 weeks has been amazing. This past 18 months has been amazing. I started out wanting to lose weight then shifted my focus to what my body was capable of. So I decided to run a half marathon to show me what I could do. I didn’t stop for the winter like I had so many times before. I kept going. I mentored for a 10k while training for a half marathon. Since 2015, I’ve run 5 half marathons, I’ve placed in two 5k races in my age group, I’ve trained for and am about to run a full marathon. I’m not skinny, but I sure as hell am stronger. Running has improved my life in countless ways. My running friends are like a family to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I partially blame my husband for getting me into running. I blame the local Fleet Feet owner, Julie for getting me into running in groups by inviting me to come in and run for free on a Monday night. Then, there’s my friend Jeffrey, who pushed me to ‘just run to the top of the hill and then you can walk’ while I ran out in the cold. I thank them, too. I have countless other running friends who have made this journey worthwhile. Jane and Maureen will be running with me on Saturday. Most of the people I’ve worked with mentoring have inspired me to keep going. I have been blessed with this experience.

Thanks for reading! Next time, I’ll be writing about my marathon. Let me know if you have any questions. I love feedback!


Jane and I were all ‘matchy matchy’ for our Tuesday run. Maybe we’re just that in sync this week before the race.

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