I see things differently when I think its been taken away.

Many people who have known me for years know that I trained for all 20 weeks less one run for the 2016 Indy Monumental Marathon when I toed down and tore a tendon in my right foot dashing my chance of even starting the race. It has taken me until this year to get my running speed back and I’ve taken on other athletic endeavors along the way.

Yesterday, Judy came over to my house so we could do 6 miles before my husband needed to be somewhere with one of the kids. Halfway through the run, I was warning Judy about how shitty the road was in the spot where we crossed. I looked up to check for traffic, sunk my foot and turned it all the way sideways. I briefly stopped and stretched before declaring I was fine and that that type of stuff just scares me because my prior injury.

Dip in the graph = dip in the road, too!

By the end of the run, I was feeling it and I could see swelling. I took both of my shoes off to do my stretches, but I started getting scared that I was injured. I grabbed my prescription anti inflammatory gel and rubbed it all over my foot and ankle, got an ice pack, and grabbed every ankle brace and wrap I could find. I dragged it all to a spot on the recliner with a pillow to prop my foot on and I treated it gently all day long. I went through sobbing about how long it took me to get where I was from my 2016 injury to comparing photos from that injury to this one. I was not okay mentally.

I thought that everything I’d been working so hard on was just ripped away and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. I looked around at all the things I needed to do around the house and I was just annoyed I was mostly helpless because…. rest [eye roll here]. I don’t do rest when I don’t want.

Leading up to yesterday, I’d been questioning why I bothered with functional fitness if I’ll only be mediocre at best and never great. I struggle with gymnastics skills that I feel like I’m working on with little progress. I can’t even do a pull up without assistance. I have been feeling like no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ll never be as good as I aspire to be and I don’t do well with accepting being average. It seems odd to say because there is not one thing I can name that I’m exceptional at doing.

Thinking that I was injured enough to be taken out of doing the things that I enjoy to keep myself healthy and bring me peace showed me how far I’d come from the things that I CAN do. I learned how to do different lifts over time and I wouldn’t lose that knowledge. I’d have to work my strength up again. I finally figured out 20 inch box jumps on Saturday morning because of a quote I’d read in passing: If you can’t beat fear, just do it scared (Glennon Doyle Melton). Even after landing the jumps multiple times, it wasn’t good enough for me because I was using the foam box. Sure, there is shit I can’t do, but I’ve done the work to try and learn them and maybe I’m not giving myself any credit for that. I learned handstand push-ups in my garage when the gym was closed down. That’s something.

Garage workout selfie!

I took today off from functional fitness class, which was tough because it was deadlift day and I totally love trying to get a new maximum on that. I went in and did the power workout with Judy after the class cleared out. I got in some pressing, so I didn’t feel completely useless. As the day went on, the tinge of pain is very slight. I can use the stairs in my house normally, which yesterday and this morning were more challenging.

I’m still a little uneasy that something so quick could set me back again. I’m sure I’ll get to the point where I wonder why I try if I can only get so far, but why not just do something I enjoy doing? *Yes, I still want to be the best ever at everything.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it. If you ever have something you think I should write about, drop me a note. I’m definitely more experienced at running than functional, but I’ll do my best.

*EDITED TO ADD: I’m actually feeling fine enough to work out again on it. Not even close to my 2016 tumble. Thank God.

What a strange/fun day

When I planned out my Saturday, I jokingly said I was probably going to die by the end of it. I reserved a 7am class at the gym for a team workout and the power lifting class immediately following. I had a small breakfast and some pre workout before leaving the house and brought a 64 ounce jug of water to hydrate in preparation for my hot evening 5k race. The workout involved sharing 400 meter runs and splitting other things [like 100 burpees] among the group. The power portion was mostly deadlifts, and I got a lot out of going to that. I needed some correction and I got it.

On my way home, Judy called and asked if I wanted to go out for breakfast. So, I had a HUGE breakfast and 3 cups of coffee while I sat there. I’m normally a 1 cup of coffee or pre workout type of person because caffeine is not the friend of anxiety, but it wasn’t affecting me.

I put the shorts I’d worn to the gym into the wash and waited to put them into the dryer so I could wear them later for the 5k race. Once they were in the dryer, I was off to take a nap. The copious amount of caffeine I’d had didn’t prevent me from sleeping nearly 2 hours before getting up and getting ready to race. I noticed the sky was looking ominous and my phone said there was a thunderstorm warning in my area. Sure enough, it was storming up in Hudson, the town 20 minutes north of my house where the race was planned. Judy messaged me that there was a bridge out on my usual route to Hudson, so I headed out and took the highway.

Let me tell you, it started hailing on my one year old CR-V and I was terrified. I don’t remember ever driving in hail before. I started seeing people pulling off the road. I saw a couple on a motorcycle hunched over being pelted and I couldn’t pull off to help because other people had pulled off to the shoulder there. I kept driving through it and by the time I got to my exit, I was behind the same 18 wheeler I’d been following and trusting to keep me in my lane by watching his taillights. I was going 40 mph on a highway and Google proudly announced through the navigation, “Speed Trap Ahead.” I laughed aloud by myself in the car and then said, “Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out,” to my empty car. Then, I saw the most vivid rainbow I’ve seen in awhile and I just praised God that I made it through the storm.

The race was started in waves. Mine was the 3rd wave of 4 and we were all shy and trying to stand in the spots (6 feet spaced dots on the ground) furthest from the actual start. The person running the start line informed us that there were only 10 people in our heat and we needed to move up. So, I wound up first momentarily until a woman came forward to take my spot after I kept saying people would just have to pass me right out of the gate if I started out front.

The sun had returned and the streets were steaming in places from the heat. I chose to wear my hat and a hydration belt because I was afraid it would rain again and my belt pocket is waterproof. I’m glad I did. I poured the cold water under my hat to cool off and I used the water to drink at one point. Toward the end of the race, there was a woman slightly in front of me and I picked up my speed and pulled ahead of her. She wasn’t in my age group, but how would I know? I wound up finishing 3rd in my age group.

Official Results

Judy and I went to a restaurant across from the race to get drinks. When the guy filled my beer and used a glass, I asked if he was sure I could take it outside because I could break it or take it. He dismissed me and said it was fine, so we went out to my car and pulled out the lawn chairs I’d brought along. Thunder came after awhile and the sky started sprinkling on us. We drove over the the other restaurant there for dinner and I may have taken the glass into my car when I threw the chairs in and put the beer into a water bottle. I intend to drive it back up there soon. I’m up that way most weekends.

We had a great tasting/not at all nutritious dinner of cheeseburgers, fries, fried mushrooms, and fried cheddar cheese curds. I was surprised I didn’t feel worse today from that, but I was nauseated at 4am. Anyway, after we’d eaten, I headed to the restroom and as I was washing my hands, the power went out. It was pitch black in there and when I found my way out, people were inside with their phone flashlights illuminating the restaurant. We waited the storm out and settled our bill to head home.

The roads were covered in tree debris. There were uprooted trees and the corn was all slanted from the winds that had come through. My phone was out of service and took me to a road that had a road block that said “Bridge Out Ahead”. I turned on a different road and the maps app was still trying to take me back to that road and put me down a tiny road with corn on either side. I turned around and asked the GPS to take me back to the restaurant. I found the main road and saw a gas station I recognized and pulled in. Their trash bins were all over the parking lot and I had to swerve to avoid hitting lids and cans just to pull into a spot to get my bearings. I finally saw the highway and got on only for there to be a barrel in the middle of the lane and I had no idea where to go except into the side the construction was being done and drive through other barrels afterward.

I finally got home in the rain and I sent Judy a message to make sure she got home. All in all, the whole day was great, but crazy.

Thanks for reading! I could honestly talk all day today, but I’ll leave you with this.

Oh, and a lightning bug landed on Judy’s hand and just hung out there. It was so odd and so funny, I needed a picture. I have no idea how the hell this ended up being the only photo I took of her and I didn’t do a selfie with her:

I should’ve posted when I was feeling awesome.

I’m still running and working out most days. I spend much more time in the gym since there isn’t much to do outside of the home. I stick around most days and complete a “power” workout after functional fitness class. It’s fun because I get to socialize with other like minded women. I’m also getting better at stuff I didn’t have a chance to work on before. I was running every day, also though and that took too much time.

I started a running streak with some gym friends on my “Run the Year” team. The plan was Memorial Day through Independence Day to run at least 1 mile per day. I actually thought I would try to go through Labor day at some point in time, but finishing through the 4th of July was pretty impressive and I wanted to stop.

My 4th outfit

I got to run a real, in person, 5k race the weekend before the 4th in a local town. They had a wave start to alleviate concerns about physical [social] distancing. There were no gatherings before or after the race. There was no water stop. Even so, it was a real race and I got to do it. I was shooting for a PR, which I thought was anything faster than 28:45. That was, until I found a pint glass I’d gotten from a local race as a prize and found that 28:16 was actually my best 5k time. It was humid that morning, but I was still bent on getting my best time. Fortunately, I ran into my friend, Jess at the start line and I latched on to her to hold pace. That was, until I couldn’t hold my pace and I actually felt like I was going to be sick. I pulled back and reset. I tried to keep moving as fast as I could and I finished in less than 30 minutes, which has to be the best official time I’ve had since I tore my peroneal tendon in 2016. I was disappointed, but I was actually a little proud that I was actually getting back some speed and pleased to have run a real race. After speaking to some experienced runners, they were surprised that I’d attempted to PR in those conditions and cautioned against trying in the heat.

My long term 2020 goal was to PR at my 10th half marathon in St. Charles, MO. The MO Cowbell was my planned race for the 4th of October. I was disappointed when I had to defer half marathon number 9 in April. I still virtually ran it with Judy. We’ve even kept up our mileage so training wouldn’t be as hard in the late summer months. Then, I saw the announcement on social media about the Cowbell going virtual this year. No race; No rematch with the mile long hill near highway 370 or running through Old Town seeing all the dogs people bring out to cheer for the runners. I don’t even want to say I was disappointed. It was more. I was frustrated and discouraged. I don’t fault the race or its organizers for it. I understand it is the stupid virus. I am tired of its existence.

I get to run another real, in person 5k this weekend. Another wave start race. I’m not shooting for a PR. I just want to run it for the tank top that comes with the race. I’m hoping I get another opportunity to beat my time in October.

I honestly think my running performance improvements are directly related to my working out at my gym, Be Strong. I’m stronger and less prone to injury. I’m also just a better all around athlete than I was before. I have cross trained in the past and I don’t think it helped me as much as this type of fitness programming has helped. I’m hooked and super enthusiastic about it. I feel like I have this amazing support system and I actually enjoy working out. I did their Hero WOD this 4th of July and I got another coin for it.

I stand by what I said awhile back when all this began. It is okay to be angry and upset with the things that are affecting you at this time. It isn’t selfish just because there is someone out there who “has it worse.” Emotions are valid and necessary.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find something to enjoy and hang on to it. I also hope to find more “in person” racing.

Go on; I’ve said meaner things to myself…

I could go on about how I’m goal driven and constantly improving as an athlete and how my writing encourages others. I could also go on about how I struggle with my identity and accepting that any accomplishments I earn are the result of my faith in combination with hard work and discipline.

I keep my plaque and trophies from races out of sight. I have one on display because I happen to have a medal display hanger, but it isn’t prominent. It says “1st place female 35-39” on it, and I’m just now 39, so it’s relatively recent. I know nobody will give me a trophy for a personal best and that’s really what I strive for in practice. I just want to be better than I was before.

I strive to be special and important and stand out. When it happens, I attribute the success to an anomaly or dumb luck and shrug it off. I wish I could say it was because I’m “too cool” to let it go to my head. That’s not the case.

I also think there’s a part of me that always thinks I could have done even better and has already moved on to the next goal instead of celebrating the one I just pulled off.

My husband likes to tell me that nobody is harder on me than I am on myself. He’s right, but don’t tell him that. He does celebrate his wins.

So, recently, I realized I hated my Facebook profile picture and decided to take a new one. Let’s look at the old photo.

I actually still don’t like my face in this pic. I don’t like my cheeks when I smile.

I can’t describe why, but I’ve hated my face in that photo for weeks and I hadn’t been able to find a new one that I found a satisfactory replacement. I propped my phone up on a holder on my desk and put the phone in selfie mode while I had some mascara and lip gloss on and felt like I looked good. I took one photo after another. Some, I laughed while chatting with my husband about selfies.

I hated every photo. My face was just too ugly whether I smiled or not. I prefer not to smile because it highlights my face not being symmetrical and my teeth being awful. Then, I have to deal with “smile,” comments about that. I wound up taking many photos and at one time accidentally setting off the automatic photo feature while I was in tears over it.

I was looking at 2 chins, face wrinkles, chest freckles, a crooked nose, pale skin, no eyebrows…

I finally settled on this one:

Anyway, I think this kind of brought to a head the fact that I am really hard on myself. I might need to think about celebrating the wins a little more and being kinder to myself. I have no idea why sometimes, I can act as if I’m confident and have it all together when I know that I’m not very kind to myself.

So, be kind to you. Set goals and crush them. Celebrate the wins and shrug off the misses. That’s what I should be doing, anyway.

Thanks for reading!

Time is totally relative…

I haven’t written in my blog in a month or so and the only reason I know is that I looked at my main page for the last post. I don’t know whether I feel like it was less or more, though.

I am still working out and running. I’ve returned the equipment to my gym because the time is approaching where we can return to training there instead of my garage. It was almost surreal to arrive there yesterday to drop off all the things I’d been using through the shelter order and to see the once full racks with no plates on them, no wall balls on their rack, and almost no bars in their holders. I’m proud to have still worked out while staying at home and not having classes to hold me accountable.

I feel like I’ve been blessed this time. I’ve gotten stronger in some ways. I’ve actually been able to get some new personal bests in lifting. I was able to find a set up for my garage to use for pull ups. Someone set out a pull up and dip station for trash pickup and my husband and I were able to pick it up to bring it home. This was after I ordered parts to make one in my garage and was waiting for them to be ready for pickup. I saved money and felt truly blessed. My family and I have also had our needs met even when it was seemingly impossible to get things in person or online that we needed.

Working out and running help me deal with life better. I’m not emotionally having much trouble dealing with staying at home. I have a hard time with social media and news in general. People are really accentuating some of their worst attributes. I often use shortcuts into the groups I most enjoy on my Facebook to avoid it. I often wonder if people realize they can see something they don’t like and just move on. I don’t think everyone is entitled to my opinion nor do I care to engage in useless banter with someone who is speaking to be heard and not to listen or learn.

I’m happy that the weather is warming up. Now my speed has to catch back up because I’m not used to being so hot. I am finally wearing shorts to run! I haven’t decided my legs are skinny enough to be worthy. I’ve decided that my legs weren’t the issue. It was my confidence. So, I have the cutest shorts with 5″ inseams.

I ran 7 miles on Sunday. I’m going to try to keep my miles up a little in hopes that training for my autumn half marathon will result in running that race and I’m still hoping for that new personal best. It won’t be my 10th half as I had planned. Not officially, anyway. It is still going to be awesome.

It was HOT (finally)

Thanks for reading! I hope you have some bright horizons to look upon and I hope you’re caring for your mental health. Remember that while the least compassionate people speak the loudest, the people who care are still all around. Many people are only cruel to others because of their own insecurity, anyway.

I haven’t written here because I haven’t felt like writing.

Hello, everyone. I’ve been gone over a month from my blog. I would have thought that being at home all the time would leave me so much time to create and lay to paper some content that I’d be proud of. I have not written. I haven’t even written in my list book because I was stumped by the last prompt it gave me. “List the best choices you’ve made in your life so far.” That’s deep, but also kind of a rabbit hole of a question.

Yesterday, I laced up with Judy in tow and ran the half marathon we’d trained for before “shelter at home” was issued. My face covering got balled up under my chin, but it protected my neck from sunburn. It was actually nice to have someone there because I thought about heading home in the first couple miles. It wasn’t my fastest race, but I came in first place anyway. It was a combination of common running routes near my home, so that was kind of a fun way to do the race. We ran through a route we go on social runs with Fleet Feet, their route for the Donut Run they do on their anniversary each year, my usual 3 and 5 mile routes, and past Be Strong, our gym that’s not currently open due to the order. Our finish line festivities involved drinking water out on the sidewalk in front of my house.


I’ve been running with Run The Edge’s Un-Canceled Project. They offer a different theme each week for the races we choose to do. Last week (Monday-Sunday) happened to be “Inspiration”.  Their Facebook group is wildly supportive of one another and I was excited to find a way to incorporate inspiration into my race. This week’s theme is “Courage”.

I’ve been working out using equipment my gym, Be Strong loaned to me the day shelter in place ordered gyms to close. The owner has made a name for himself with this generous act and he and the gym have made headlines. I’ve been keeping my sanity by having equipment at home. Our group has workout options posted every day and I’ve been doing at least one of the workouts almost daily. I sometimes forgo the workout to do a long run or take a day off like I did on Easter. I earned a coin for working out 20 days in April and I was so proud of myself, I put it in my phone case when I ran my half marathon yesterday.

I decided to try to catch up on the “bible in a year” bible. I actually caught up by reading 10-15 days of readings each day. This one is arranged in chronological order and in modern English. I feel like I get a lot out of reading it.

My kids don’t have school the rest of the semester. I’m doing my best to get them through their daily assignments before anyone gets frustrated and tries to throw in the towel. Including me. They’re in 2nd and 3rd grade, so at least I’m not trying to muddle my way through chemistry or foreign language work. It isn’t quite that time where they discover their mommy doesn’t know everything. Or is it?

So, I haven’t gone completely insane. I try to avoid too much time on Facebook because the opinions are strong and loud and most people aren’t open to civil discourse any more now than before this happened. I don’t want to talk about my feelings on it.

I hope you are all well and you stay well. I hope you’re finding a way to break out of the stir craziness that comes with being less mobile. I’m grateful for so much at this time and I just realize how much I love the people I interact with. “Not every day is good, but there is good in every day.” This has been so much more true with the things going on. I truly believe that focusing on the good helps you to see the good.  It isn’t a cure for anything, but it helps me get through one day at a time.


A lot of bummers coming out of this pandemic…

I can’t speak to the severity of what we’re calling Coronavirus (COVID-19). I can’t speak to whether the precautions taken are necessity or overkill. I can say that there are many disappointed athletes and sports fans because I’m one of them. In no way does that detract from how much anyone cares about the pandemic. It is factual. People are going to have emotions and expressing disappointment shouldn’t be shamed.

So, I’m disappointed that my precious hockey isn’t on TV. It is a bonding thing in my house. We watch the games together.

Later in the day, I discovered that the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Weekend has been postponed. The race Judy and I are training for and I’ve been looking forward to running since I’ve found my speed has returned. Damn! I have seen so many of these events canceled over the last 24 hours. I couldn’t even imagine what a Boston Marathon participant felt when they got the news of their delay.

I’ve decided that I’m going to run 13.1 miles that day anyway. Unless there’s a thunderstorm which would be par for the course at this point. I have no course in mind yet. I’m not driving to Champaign to run theirs. I’m staying in my town, but I’ll be damned if I let this stop my training. I’m going to run that distance for time.

It’s never really only about the race anyway. It’s about the journey that gets me there.



I want to be a Jenn of all trades and a master of them, too.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to know everything about everything. I have difficulty choosing a favorite anything because I just love it all. I don’t have a favorite color, song, movie, food, or many other things most people do. I can’t choose and settle on that one thing to define me. I’m a loyal romantic partner, friend, and even worker [when I had a full time job]. I don’t even know what I want to be when I grow up and I’m 39. Not the point, but let’s move on.

I have been running long distance since 2015. I did short distances before that, but I wasn’t quite as involved in it until I joined a Fleet Feet training program in 2015 and ran a half marathon. By 2016, I was training for a full marathon. By 2017, I had finished one. I’ve very rarely “placed” in any races and all of my awards are from 4 or less miles run. I still enjoyed running despite my race placing. I strive to get a faster time than myself and get a personal record at each race. The only times that count to me are the official race times when it comes to getting a personal record.

Enter Crossfit in March 2019. I am always trying to beat my last best from class and that’s what I care about. Yet, competitions exist. I am not a person who is going to place in those at this point. I’m fairly new to it all and my skills aren’t competitive to those of others my age. At least I don’t think they are. I still signed up for a competition in April, though. Yikes.  I am genuinely concerned about which me will show up that day. One day, I’m a beast and I can do all the things and the next I’m a weenie and I refuse to even try to jump 20 inches onto a box that I’ve jumped onto more than 100 times. I’ve even had days where I can string together double unders with a jump rope and the next, I can’t even do single jumps without whipping myself in the leg with the damn rope. I’m really far into my head on the days that I can’t do things I know I’m capable of, so what if that is what happens when I’m competing? I’m really hard on myself with everything.

Believe me, I’m not fishing for compliments at this point. I’m just laying out there that I’m doing something new and I’m completely freaking out over it.

Training has begun for the Illinois Half Marathon I’m doing with Judy. We’re up to 11 miles this weekend and it has been going by fast. I’m not worried about this race because my plan is to get a new best in October. I wish I felt that easy about competing in Crossfit.

On the plus side, my depression hasn’t been too bad since the sun has been around more frequently. I had a pretty serious binge eating relapse over a two week period, but I somehow didn’t gain any weight or inches. I’m just going to turn back to eating right and hope for no more slip ups and remember how I prefer the way I feel when I didn’t eat 10 cookies. I know I sleep better without the sweets and tired is not my preferred state.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re finding something you enjoy doing. We’re getting more sunshine after this weekend, so there’s a great thing to look forward to. Especially if you’re solar powered like me.


210# is my new deadlift PR! 

Training Season 2020 Begins

Off season for running has ended despite most long races happening in either April or October. Some people probably started in January. Some races happen at different times. For me, I’m mostly an April and October half marathon runner.

The Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon is in April. This will be my 9th half marathon distance race. I am going to train with my friend, Judy. We have a training plan mapped out with the idea that our weekend long runs are together. We’re still training at our crossfit gym daily. [Don’t come at me for not calling it a box. That means something completely different in my head.]

Race training is exciting. I’ve been running faster mile splits both outdoors and on the treadmill. I’m starting to hope for a personal record [PR] 5k distance race sometime in 2020. When I tell people that I’m starting to train for a half marathon, they often express surprise that this won’t be my first time. I’m prepping for my tenth half marathon in October, where I want to beat my reigning PR of 2 hours and 19 minutes.

As far as my mental health, I dip into feeling like life is useless and pointless and so are my efforts. Then, I’m fine and I feel proud of myself and the changes I’ve made. I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds of fat since March 2019. I am running faster. I started going to church every weekend and being an active participant in following Christ. I’m not always going to be able to look at my list of achievements and find joy, but I have gratitude.

I wish I had tips on how to so something. Like, improving running speed. Cross training, eating better, and commitment to running despite not training for anything have helped me tremendously.  I really enjoy what I do in the gym every day and running probably hasn’t been my primary focus.

I feel like I’m always busy with something. That said, with less down time, there’s less time to peek into the cabinet or fridge.

Week 1 of 12 for training is about done. I’m looking forward to less frequent treadmill runs. Also, I’ll have to come up with something more interesting to talk about. I have a weigh in next week, so we’ll have to see my fat loss vs muscle gains sometime soon. I have been talked into triathlon training and a fitness competition, so who knows what fun lies ahead.

Thanks for reading! February is a long month for being the shortest thanks to the cold and often deary days, so remember to find joy or gratitude.

Here’s me after running today. I had a little mascara left from work, so I actually have eyelashes in this one:




Torn between wanting to write and not wanting to be boring

I’m in a strange mood. I’ve been talking more than usual to people and having conversations. That means I’m also spending more time re-playing those conversations in my head and cringing at how strange I must seem. I think of how I could totally correct what I said the next time I see that person, but there’s no natural way to bring that up in conversation. Try explaining to people that you went silent not because of what they said, but because you were trying to choose your own words carefully and not finding them.

My meds haven’t changed. My weight hasn’t even changed. I’m just holding steady, so maybe this is just who I am. So weird.

I took off of running for a little over a week after my birthday. I was pretty fast on my first run back. My little pitbull, Aurora accompanied me. Fortunately there weren’t many squirrels along the way despite the weather being warm that day.


Aurora post run

I’ve been really enjoying my workouts at the gym. I’ve had new personal bests left and right. I got a new deadlift max. I figured out how to kick up to the wall for a handstand. I completed the most box jumps I’ve ever done at a taller height than I’ve been using. My box jumps have been onto plates stacked on top of one another. I finally added a plate and left it there instead of pushing it off after I got tired or scared.

I often feel inadequate at the things in which I apply myself. Having my weight at a plateau is frustrating. Feeling overwhelmed by my day makes me worry that I’m not a good wife and mother. I put a lot of pressure on myself. I want to be good at things and for everyone to see me as the person I’m trying to be. I’m just not sure why I care what other people think because most of the time, I don’t care.

I’m just not quite myself lately, but at least my depression is no longer trying to swallow me whole. I think I’m going to blame it on premenstrual brain, which seems to be way more sensitive than any other time of the month. Yes, I’m serious.

Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful in some way. If not, sorry. I’ll be back with more fun soon. Half marathon training starts in February.