Purple Slime…all in my rug

I can’t even with this summer break stuff. There is purple slime embedded in the carpet in the playroom. At least the rest of the room is clean?

This week is going to be crazy and I’m prepared. We had a death in the family and will be driving a few hours away to spend time with family in addition to attending the services for my husband’s late Grandma. I’ve teared up each time I’ve talked about her since her passing. She will be missed.

We already had plans for the weekend involving a trip to St. Louis for my husband and younger kids to go to a party. I’m signed up to do a Warrior Dash on Saturday with my closest friend, Liz. She’s going to be my ride back home from St. Louis since my family is staying behind and it’s her fault I’m doing this crazy race.

Today, I woke up at 5 am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got out of bed. I’d already set out clothes to work out in, so I put those on and went to the gym for a 6 am class. Last week, the kids were with me for all of my gym visits. Solo gym visit was nice. The next two days, I actually have to attend class at that time. Then, I’ll miss the next 4 days. When I go back, it’ll be in a new building closer to home (YAY).

I’m not finished weaning from meds (prozac), but it hasn’t impacted my weight. Nothing I’m trying has affected my weight. I honestly thought it would at least change my appetite. I’m not energetic like when I first lowered my dose, but I don’t feel worse from a psychological standpoint. I’m physically stronger. I wish my body showed strength instead of a belly that sticks out when I look at my reflection. I’ll keep doing my thing, though. I enjoy my workouts and I’m about to start training for my fall half marathon.

The heat and humidity has started up in full force and I’m getting tempered to it. While I’m not having any luck losing weight, I see progress in myself and I like it. Don’t forget to look for the things changing that encourage you. I know I sometimes forget.

Thanks for reading! I’ll have to come back to talk about my Warrior Dash.

Photo is after my 4th of July run that was around noon. I think Alexa trolls me with this song.


Not the worst 5k

Today, I ran a 5k race in a nearby town. I wasn’t planning to, but decided I could use an excuse to get up and run on a Saturday morning. Keeping things interesting is part of what keeps me motivated.

It was hot outside. I actually felt confident. I wore the right clothes and I was well hydrated. It was themed around the 4th of July, so I donned my finest patriotic running gear. I put on my NUUN hydration tattoo and filled my water bottle with mango orange sport (caffeinated). I’ve gotta say, I used my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner to fill a spot I messed up applying the tattoo and it did not sweat off. I’m impressed. I ran into people from the crossfit gym where I’m a member and exchanged pleasantries. I guess they’d planned ahead to meet at the race.


I started with no incident and pulled back to a slower pace with the intention of running the entire course with walking water breaks. I did that for about 1/2 of the course before allowing myself to walk for 1 minute because my pace had slowed too much from target and I needed to get my body back. I kept having surges where I would run faster. My second mile was not what I wanted. My third was like I was having a series of power surges. I’ll post my graph from Garmin because it truly shows how inconsistent my second half was.



There was once a time where I’d think to myself, “Oh well, I did my best.” Today, I didn’t. I was nearly in tears walking to my car to drive home. I actually did cry about it after I got home. I finished today’s race almost 10 minutes slower than my best time (28:45). My worst time was in Chicago in the dead of winter (55 minutes). I was pissed that people who aren’t as committed to running as I am finished before me. I sucked today. I didn’t even feel like a runner.

Nothing has helped me with how I feel about my results and I doubt it will. I’m competitive. Against others and myself. I don’t feel like I fit in with my running groups anymore. I don’t feel like I fit in with people at my gym. I’ve accepted long ago that I’m meant to be a bit of a loner. I just don’t always like feeling that way.

Thanks for reading. I’ll get over my finish time. I’m sure I’ll be taking it out on myself when I run tomorrow. I’m done recovering from my 2016 running injury and I’ve put a lot of effort into coming back. I’ve got to get it together before 2021 so I can run another marathon in my 40th birthday year because I’m still not over my Chicago Marathon 2017 finish time.


More productive

I visited my doctor for a routine medicine checkup. I showed her the printouts from my weigh ins and asked if we could try to stop one of my medications. I wanted to see if I had more success in losing weight. So far, I’ve been weaning for a little over a week. Aside from a few headaches, I haven’t had negative side effects. I’m following her instructions to the letter for this process.  I would suggest anyone trying to stop a prescription discuss a plan with the doctor in detail and follow that.

The positive side is that I’ve been productive in my waking hours. Where I sometimes felt afraid to leave the house or too weak to complete tasks, I’ve been accomplishing things that I’ve been intending to do for awhile. I have decluttered, reorganized, and improved many spaces in my house. It is a step in the right direction for me.

I’m hoping this leads to progress with my fitness and nutrition, but I’m also glad that I feel good and I’m actually feeling a little more positive about my slow progress than I was before. I’m ok with shifting to a lower body fat percentage without a big change on the scale.

Now I’m trying to get an idea of what to change to fit my running plans and crossfit into my busy days. This might mean early mornings, which I hate. I don’t understand how people function on such a small amount of sleep because I don’t see myself being finished with the daily house things in time to be in bed by 9 or 10.

My dad has more info on his condition. He has stage 4 non hodgkin’s lymphoma type b. Treatment will begin soon and will involve a form of chemotherapy. Prayers are appreciated and miracles are anticipated. I am optimistic at this point that he’s going to fully recover and go into remission. Regardless of my hopes, God is taking care of him and is there for comfort.

I’m currently anxious about running the Warrior Dash in Joliet in July and training for my October half marathon. Taking so much time off of long distance running has made a difference in how I feel when I run. My speed has improved even with only 3-6 miles per week running.


I’ll let you all know how the medicine changes go. Thanks for reading! I hope you have some optimism about the uncertain things in your future.


I’m back because hockey ended…

I am back to my blog. I LOVE HOCKEY! I’m a lifetime St. Louis Blues fan, which means that my team hadn’t won the Stanley Cup until this year. It was spectacular and fantastic and amazing. My husband took off of work on Friday so we could drive to St. Louis and go with the kids and my in laws to the Stanley Cup parade Downtown. The experience was something I’ll never forget. The players were interacting with the crowd and the crowd was electric.  We chanted for a young rare disease patient named Laila, who followed and cheered the Blues on to victory and became an important driving force for the team to keep winning. I shouted for each member of the Blues’ Alumni and each player and coach that came by and so did the crowd. The energy was just beyond words.

I’m one of those women who follows some sports and enjoys them. I won’t answer any questions about obscure players or rules to prove myself or my fandom. I don’t require validation or permission to watch. It’s sad that women face that type of criticism for enjoying something.

Here’s some pics of my weekend fun! I’ll be back for running stuff. Just wanted to share one reason I’ve been away from the blog. Missed you!

Rather Often, Actually

I’m a mom of 3. Things get hectic. I explore ways to maintain my identity, discover new things I enjoy, and to avoid burning out completely.

The phrase I hear the most often when someone wants me to do something: When was the last time you did something for yourself, mom? 

  1. I’m not your mom.
  2. That statement is actually more likely to provoke mom guilt if I do it because you’re kind of labeling it selfish.
  3. I’m not going to tell you all the awesome things I opted to do for me.

Each year, I do something that is especially “me” centered. I train for races and travel for at least one with my girlfriends. I trained for a marathon twice, for goodness sakes. Last year, I had LASIK done. It took me less than a year to pay it off and I am pleased with the results. This year, I’m finally starting to have my teeth fixed. It might not seem like anything, but they’re expensive. I’ve avoided doing anything about them for the fear that I’ll use money that we’ll need for something more important as a family. I finally have a full set of bottom teeth! I couldn’t resist taking a selfie as soon as I left the dentist today.


Before and after

I do stuff for myself all of the time. I sometimes forget to take the time out to do it. I can’t afford to invest my time and/or money in every whim I get to try something. I spread myself a little thin with time anyway, so fitting that “me” stuff in can be challenging. AND….rewarding.

There shouldn’t be guilt attached to spending time investing in yourself. There’s also no limit to how much is acceptable. I spend time on my fitness most days of the week. That doesn’t mean I can’t do something other than that for me in addition to working out.

Thanks for reading!

Choosing Joy (Trying to)

I’ve started to write a post and deleted it a few times. I’ve been thinking things that I connect with negative emotions and didn’t want to spout negativity.

I often feel spread too thin. Instead of feeling satisfaction from the things I do, I get the feeling that I’m not doing enough. It isn’t entirely in my head. There is societal pressure to put more and more on my plate. The Scouts need people. I’m a people. I want to help. School needs people. I’ve got that, too. I want to be active in my community. I find those opportunities and fit them in. At church, I attend and volunteer in two different positions and they insist that I join a small group. The pastor has spoken about not being obsessed with being busy. I’m not sure I understand how people can’t be constantly busy by contributing where they’re involved. Then, I’ve been trying to find part time work and to switch my body fat percentage with my muscle mass. I also have opinions about the way that my multi level marketing job works, but I’m going to stick that one in my pocket for some other time. I enjoy doing things, but the sense that it isn’t enough is what impacts how I feel about myself for doing them.

I realize everyone has challenges and their own form of busy. I get it. If someone is having a hard time, I’m not getting out my yardstick to measure how hard their hard is compared to mine or anyone else. I believe them. Tell me you’re tired and I believe it. I’m not going to compare how tired I am. I hope you find rest. I don’t need to win.

So there’s choosing joy. I am blessed to have kids that need things from me. I am able to work out and able to run. I’m blessed to not have the problems I’ve had in past years that kept me from being as active and involved as I’d wanted to be. I am more at peace with my life now that I’ve invested time in my faith in God and my Christianity.


I found people who wanted to run with me if I’d just ask. When I’m working out, I stay on top of the positive. Being outwardly positive draws it inside. I’ve made progress in fitness. I’d gained a few pounds only to find out I’d decreased my fat mass and increased muscle. I can do weighted sit ups and I can pull my body up while holding on to rings. These things were not something I could do before the fat shred I did in March. Considering it hasn’t been very long and I’ve made that much progress, I’m feeling optimistic about the future with my health and fitness.


I recently discovered my dad has non hodgkins lymphoma, so prayers are appreciated. I don’t know a lot since the diagnosis was very recent and will require a lot of tests prior to treatment.

I want to keep my eyes on the positive. I trust God with my paths.

Now my kids are acting crazy and literally screaming, so I have to get to them. They’ve hit their limit of unsupervised time, I suppose. Thanks for reading! I try to be here weekly. Comments and suggestions are always read and appreciated. Thanks!



Developing New Phobias

I have felt increasingly crappy over the past week and my husband was on a business trip, so there was little to no reprieve. I felt the worst on days after I’d spent time outdoors. One day was a field trip to the local zoo with my daughter’s class. The next morning when it was time to run, I opted to do it indoors. I hopped on the rower at the gym for a warm up and did a few box jumps and burpees. On the treadmill, I ran a half hour hill program. I didn’t die of boredom. My headphones died mid run and my focal point was a crack in the wall.


Zoo trip!


I was on a cleanse this week because the results of my weigh in. It helped curb my cravings for junk. What it didn’t stop was my obsession with food choices and whether I’m choosing correctly and how I can fit my “sometimes foods” into my all of the time eating plan so I don’t fall into binge eating again. It helps that the author of the Binge Code, Ali Kerr, sends me emails with encouragement and reminds me that it could take a long time to get on the right path from disordered eating. The most recent email addressed clean eating and seemed so timely and appropriate for me that it helped me through.

I have been fortunate to spend the weekend resting and getting better from whatever made me feel sneezy, sniffly, exhausted, and all of the fun allergy sensations. I don’t know that the allergies made me tired as much as needing extra antihistamine and decongestants. Resting meant that I missed my “long run” this weekend. I’d planned 4 miles and not only am I anxious over my eating habits, I’m afraid to get behind on my fitness. I lost so much endurance over the winter. I was gaining speed until I had to take off for awhile when I was sick. I’ve developed a phobia of backsliding in nutrition and fitness. Some may think that is a good problem to have, but the anxiety alone makes my headspace a strange place to be.


Nap Partner

I’m going to figure out how to deal with it, of course. I want to enjoy training this summer for the half in October. I don’t feel like I have friends to run with now that I’ve slowed down and I’m having trouble getting my speed back. It isn’t that I mind running alone, but sometimes the accountability comes with meeting up with people to do the run. I also miss the people I used to run with and feel a sense of missing out on the people I really enjoyed so much time with in the past.

I weigh every two weeks, so the end of this week will be my day to see progress in what I hope is the right direction. My clothes fit differently. My tee shirts are a little loose and my pants pull up more easily. I think that says a lot about progress. I intend to find balance with my eating where I’m not thinking about peanut butter cups or chocolate ice cream when I’m getting ready to go to bed at night. The plan doesn’t involve completely wiping those things out of my eating. They’re “sometimes foods” and I intend to incorporate them to avoid binges.

Do you have fitness friends? Do you prefer to work out alone? Do seasonal allergies take you down? I hope you try to find your balance. I’m hoping I find mine.

I’m also praying. I have anxiety and worries, but I invite God’s help. I think it has brought me peace, but also joy. I have joy in spite of these minor things that worry me. I have faith that I’m going to get better.



Minus Fat, Plus Muscle

I got the results of the 28 day shred, but this week was insane, so I didn’t really come here to write it all down. I lost 9 pounds of fat and gained 2.4 lbs of muscle. This means the scale didn’t move down 9 lbs, but that fat is gone. This tells you and me that the scale isn’t the way to measure progress unless you have other things in place to measure progress.

I did not come in first place because my body composition change was .4% less than the person who earned first. So close, though! I still got a prize pack that was really cool:


I mostly stuck with my eating plan after Easter. I was volunteering at the school and lunch was sometimes after 2 snacks instead of between, but I got my eating in and only had a couple of Easter treats spread through the week. I made my chocolate bunny last 5 days and I was actually proud of myself for that.


The bunnies are all the same size, but half are different serving sizes. Nutrition facts are so weird.

I did not have a firm focus into fitness this week and I was actually fine with pulling back a little bit. As an introvert, I spent too many days around a lot of people and I was completely exhausted most of the week. I walked when I could and I stretched and used my foam roller. I rowed at the gym by my house on Monday and did a few body weight exercises while I was there. I went to the crossfit gym on Wednesday and Saturday morning and busted my butt both times.

I feel more confident in working out. I have a lot to learn with the movements used for lifting heavy things, but I am making progress. I food prepped my breakfasts and lunches for the week and I think I can keep up with that more easily than eating separate dinners from my family. I’ve said before, I’m a pretty good cook and I tend to put together balanced meals. I’m just watching my portions a little more closely at night since logging the calories in a diary is more complex when food comes from scratch and I never measure anything.

My newer goal isn’t a size. I want to change my body composition to be more muscular and less fat. I want to continue to run and do my October half marathon (Detroit Free Press). My friend has talked me into a Warrior Dash in July. I want to be able to complete the course without skipping any obstacles. Eventually, maybe I’ll be competitive with the crossfit. That’s probably really far down the road and  not quite on my radar.

Though, I know that any time I get an inkling of an idea of what I’m going to do, I don’t stop until I’ve done it. I’m still hooked on the idea of doing another marathon despite the terrible experience I had with my first and only 26.2. It’s in my head even though the goal is 2 years away.

I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far. I want to stay on it. I intend to stay on it.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! Are you making plans for short and long term? The goal that’s definitely within your reach and the other goal that seems crazy right now? I believe in you!!


Final Shred Week

I keep referring to my shred as a “cut” and I wonder if people think I’ve lost my mind saying that I’m still cutting until Saturday, but I’ll have ham and casseroles on Sunday. I’ve been so busy through this process. I’ve hit the gym every other day during the week and I grocery shop more often for fresh items. I’m holding at 5 lbs lost so far, but I’ll see how that figures in fat loss at the final weigh in on Saturday. One thing I’ve noticed is that my wrist is smaller because one of my bracelets I was wearing daily slides all over the place now. It can be easily adjusted. I was impressed that it was noticeable and somewhat regretted not taking body measurements at the start.

I have been a bit cranky this week. Not unusual for this time of the month, if you know what I mean. (PMS, guys. I’m talking about PMS.) I’ve been emotional and depression creeps up on me out of nowhere. I was worried that the darkness would stick around after thinking about how my absence wouldn’t be more than an inconvenience for the people I’m closest to. Yeah, dark intrusive thoughts come by without warning and definitely no invitation.

Fortunately, I’ve had a couple of good days. I’ve enjoyed my workouts and made progress. My Tuesday run wasn’t fantastic because it felt difficult, but I needed the run and it did what I needed it to for my mental state.


When I got to the gym on Wednesday, the coach was laying on the floor from the workout. My brain was instantly thinking that I should turn around and walk out because I couldn’t put up that kind of work and I’d just be embarrassing myself. On an overhead press, I completed one full set before failing to press the bar up beyond nose level for the rest of the time. I tried repeatedly and couldn’t break my mind of “I can’t do this.” We started another part of the workout that involved squats. While trying to improve my form, I lost my focus and fell on my butt with a bar overhead, but somehow was fine and it only made me try harder to get it right. I was exhausted, but I actually made it through that portion despite feeling like I couldn’t do another rep without falling over for most of the last portion where I had dumbbells to press.

Wednesday night, I had a trail run. My friend asked to ride with me, so I picked her up on the way. When I got lost, I was glad to have someone with me in the car. We were able to use trail shoes on loan from Saucony and go on a path Fleet Feet had marked out for us. It was muddy. There were hills and branches. When we hit 1.26 miles, I’d felt like I’d gone 3 miles and was feeling done with the experience. I was mostly hot because I’ve always taken a while to get used to changes in weather when I run. It was still fun, though. I got to chat with people I haven’t seen in awhile, splash in the mud, and give the shoes back to someone else to clean the mud off. I’d do it again even if my running partner for the evening would not. I also really liked the shoes I borrowed. They had a way to fasten them that made it easier to operate when they’re muddy and not have to tie them. The shoes were also not filled with water or mud despite the number of times I put my whole foot into the wet puddles. When I got home to clean up, I found a single thorn poking out of my knee and just laughed as I plucked it off. I required a bit of scrubbing to see the skin under all the mud I’d gotten on me.

All in all, this week has been ok. I am exhausted today and the gloomy skies don’t help that at all. I finished getting Easter items for my kids [and dogs]. This weekend is going to be busy, but I am excited to see my results from the shred as well as to watch my kids hunt for eggs stuffed with candy. I’m thankful for so many blessings and the ability to recognize them when I was feeling down.


Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

Progress is Progress

This weekend was a blur. I weighed in on Saturday and I knew that I wasn’t down much in pounds, but I was disappointed to see the number on the scale that day. I started obsessing about getting my personalized report to see how much fat loss and muscle gain I’d experienced. GAINS! lol.

That board is always there, but this was special for Saturday’s event at the gym.

I considered skipping my Saturday cheat meal because I couldn’t land on one meal or cuisine in which I wanted to eat. I accidentally missed lunch by being busy and wound up eating a little bag of pistachios from a vending machine because it was the only ‘natural’ thing in there. I wanted to eat dinner somewhere that had draft beer. When my husband and I have gotten away for a meal together, we wound up at a local place called Flingers that had craft pizza and craft beer. I actually picked another local place before I changed my mind in the car to go to the pizza joint. No regrets there. My kids loved their meal and my husband and I had a bbq chicken pizza that was delicious. My beer tasted incredible. I ordered a skillet cookie and shared it, of course. I required some antacid later on, but I wasn’t sickly full. I didn’t binge on the food. I stopped when I was full and I was mindful about my bites.

I’m really digging the New England IPAs

Sunday, we went to church early for a meeting and breakfast where everything looked so tasty, but I only grabbed a small bite of their breakfast pizza and a large portion of fruit. My kids ate the pastries and donuts. The day was busy again and I simply didn’t feel like eating my lunch. My house was a zoo that day with kids coming in and out and I cleaned the floors before heading back to church for my evening volunteering.

My results came in after dinner Sunday night. I was down 3 pounds, gained 1 pound of muscle and lost 1% fat over the first two weeks of the program. While I know I should have been proud of myself, I felt like my hard work should have resulted in more. What’s up with that? “MORE!” There is always room for it.

And when you ask them, “How much should we give?”
Ooh, they only answer “More! More! More!”

Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Progress is progress and not being happy that I’ve made some in the right direction is nonsense. I still have two weeks to go and the main idea is to get fit and stay that way instead of starting over and over. Monday at the gym, the coaches were surprised that I wasn’t more pleased with my results and reminded me that I’m putting in the hard work and doing it the right way. I left the gym energized and went to tackle the rest of my day with a little more positivity than I’d started it.

I have a physical therapy evaluation today. This time a women’s health PT. Fortunately, I am not experiencing pelvic prolapse again. My ob/gyn has noticed some ligament issues that have causes me a lot of lower abdominal and back pain that have been annoying to say the least. My foot pain that was in the metatarsal region has nagged off and on lately and I’ve been trying to do all the exercises from that therapy so I don’t have to go back to the podiatrist. I’m not even old yet and I can’t stay away from the doctor for aches and pains.

Thanks for reading! I’ve felt higher energy levels since starting to eat better and exercise more regularly. My depression isn’t gone and obviously had to rear its ugly head on my weigh in results. It helps that I can have outdoor time without a coat lately. I’ve been running less than 10 miles a week, but it’ll pick up when the weather is consistently warm. Today, I ran with Aurora for 3 miles and she was nuts. I think she really had fun and we’re slowly learning how to use the running leash. She looked tired for the picture, but after some water and ice cubes, she bolted around the house like a herd of cattle were coming through.