Recovery Fatigue

I have no idea whether “recovery fatigue” is an actual term. I’m using it to describe how I feel about being unable to do workouts the way they’re written due to my recovering plantar fascia tear. I even tried to skirt my restrictions a little and step up to a 20 inch plyo box with a 35 pound weight on my shoulders, which resulted in a partial rupture of the recently healed plantar fascia. I heard the old familiar “pop” in my foot as I stepped up and knew that something was wrong. I completely overreacted, though. I’d thought I’d be back in a cast and a boot for more time. I simply couldn’t bear not being able to get around unimpeded.

The podiatrist showed me the tension in the non injured foot vs the one with the tear and said that the damage was minor. He said if there were pain, the foot would likely need a cast and/or boot to allow recovery. He suggested that I was probably trying to do too much activity too soon into recovery. He referred me to a physical therapist. I have an appointment tomorrow. I’ve made a list of my goals to see whether this is the right avenue or I need to see a different physical therapist who better understands my fitness related goals with recovery.

There’s been some extra stress in my life. I would normally deal with the anxiety through running. I’m still not able to run. I have been pushing myself in my functional workouts where I’m able. If I can’t, I push hard on the bike or rowing machine. My main issue with health has been in nutrition once again. I catch myself snacking even when I’ve planned out good meals with the correct balance. I had my body composition measured last week. I gained weight since my last weigh in, but because of the muscle gain, my body fat percentage remained the same. While it is a positive result, I’m not pleased. I’m finding it hard to muster the willpower to take action to resolve the eating problem. It seems especially complicated when I find myself feeling low because of the stress.

I’m still hopeful that I’ll run my half marathon in October in Missouri. That I’ll get my first pull up sometime this year. That I’ll hit some crazy new PR with lifting. I’ve gained a new appreciation for Crossfit. I still love running, but it just isn’t as important for me to get back to right now. I want to be able to do things at the gym. I have so many goals to attain and so many steps to get there. I guess I have a reason to carry on, then. I even have a really good reason to take it slow coming back. I want to do it right.

Thanks for reading! I hope those of you who had daylight savings are making it through this week without too much fatigue from losing that hour.

Have I shared a pic of my pink and purple hair? I did it myself.

One thought on “Recovery Fatigue

  1. Eek that injury sounds like it hurt real bad… Ackk.. Hope you make it for your half-marathon too… I’ve completely ditched my fitness train … Mainly bc I feel so exhausted most of the times and just don’t want to move my body… Luckily my job keeps me active on average so I appreciate that, just gotta stop the intense snacking…. Nice hair! I like the gradual fade

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