Oh well, I like lemons

I had a nagging pain in my feet for months that I refused to give a name It was worse in my left foot than in my right. I was well aware that I had symptoms of plantar fasciitis. I tried stretches for my feet and legs. I used kinesiology tape, compression, soaking, and special massage tools for my legs and feet. I reduced my running mileage. I discussed it with the chiropractor as it ebbed and flowed with my half marathon training. My chiropractor suggested physical therapy. It started becoming too painful to walk at the end of the day, so I tolerated it a little longer. I finally called the podiatrist that took care of my 2016 injury and they found me a same day appointment.

The doctor ordered x-rays for my feet to ensure the pain wasn’t from a stress fracture. The pain was atypical for plantar fasciitis in that it increased through the day. Then, he offered me a few options to help me. His first option was to put my foot into a soft cast and use a boot for 6 weeks to allow it to “calm down” in there. He was clear that my ability to exercise would be limited to nothing on my feet. He also offered physical therapy, to which I was less excited about since I’d already been using therapy exercises. The option I went with was a cortisone shot into the most painful part of my heel. After discussing the risks, including rupturing the fascia, I asked for the shot. It was really unpleasant and that was how I described the pain to him as he performed the procedure.

I can’t run for at least 4 weeks. I miss the little trips the running took me on. I miss running with my dog. I’m sad that I lost progress that I made in my speed. I’m letting those feelings happen and pass. There isn’t anything wrong with having those emotions. Fortunately, I’ve been learning about that lately.

I have focused on what I can do with my body and what can be improved upon while I wait. I had pain during my workouts with a sore heel. I’ve been grateful that I have a coach who understood and explained to me what to do to deal with the injury and avoid aggravation. I’ve chosen to be optimistic about how I can improve with my fitness in the meantime.

I could really have let this deter me from being excited about the opportunity. I am pretty sure if running was my only sport, I would not have been as positive in this situation. There’s no way to know for sure because this is my reality.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are finding ways to enjoy the holidays. I hope to share some progress from my nutrition and psychological changes I’ve been doing in the near future.

A little humor regarding my feet.

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