Constant [Work In] Progress

The blog is called “Jenn’s Journey,” guys. I’ve been making progress since the start, I’ve had some digressions along the way. I’ve had some clear misses, but a lot more to celebrate.

Today, I hit 40 pounds lost on the scale. I actually lost 40 pounds of fat already, but due to muscle gain, it didn’t clearly say so on my bathroom scale. I can’t wait to have another “In Body” this week to tell me how my progress is on that.

I’m still using Noom. I enjoy it for help with eating well and managing the psychological aspect of weight loss. I study the daily lessons and I’m getting useful information from it. I’ve dealt with my cravings better and found ways to eat better while still eating whatever I want. Drawbacks within the app exist. The food tracking feature isn’t friendly to multi serving recipes and some foods are listed incorrectly. It also isn’t built around someone who is already athletic, so some lessons aren’t helpful because they revolve around adding physical activity to a sedentary lifestyle. I’ve utilized My Fitness Pal’s recipe feature to figure out calories for meals like chilli from scratch.

I haven’t been running as much since the half marathon. That’s not unusual in November of each year. I start back up at Thanksgiving for the holiday streak. I run a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day and end up stretching it to my January 5th birthday. Last year, that stretch was 39 days and I was turning 39, so I did it for that. This year, the stretch is 40 days. Obviously, I need to do it again. I ran a 5k last week that was a PR on my Garmin. I am really happy to see that my speed is improving even if my distance will be pulled back for a while. The streak keeps me running and getting fresh air; albeit very cold air.

I’ve been working out at the gym [Be Strong] nearly every day. I finally sat down with a coach and discussed how to address the things I want to improve upon. With a few key points and some direction, I have put more time into it each day and have improved in a couple areas. Some of it is simply spending a little extra time on warming up. Then, there are pull ups. I swear it’s a bad word. That hasn’t stopped me from working on being able to hang from the bar longer than before and working on the strength I need to do the movement.

I’m quite nervous about the competition that I signed up for. It happens in less than two weeks. I know I can do the workouts, but I’ve never had to do these things competitively. How do I know I won’t spaz out and mess everything up? Ugh. Mortified in front of people I know and some that I respect. That’s meant to be funny, so don’t read into it.

Anyway, pray for me. Wish me luck. Advise me with experience. Thanks for reading! I go back to work tomorrow for the first time since March. So many new things!!!

2 thoughts on “Constant [Work In] Progress

  1. You will do great in the competition. You’re very dedicated. I like Be Strong, but I miss the one on one personal trainer. Your an inspiration!

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