I should’ve posted when I was feeling awesome.

I’m still running and working out most days. I spend much more time in the gym since there isn’t much to do outside of the home. I stick around most days and complete a “power” workout after functional fitness class. It’s fun because I get to socialize with other like minded women. I’m also getting better at stuff I didn’t have a chance to work on before. I was running every day, also though and that took too much time.

I started a running streak with some gym friends on my “Run the Year” team. The plan was Memorial Day through Independence Day to run at least 1 mile per day. I actually thought I would try to go through Labor day at some point in time, but finishing through the 4th of July was pretty impressive and I wanted to stop.

My 4th outfit

I got to run a real, in person, 5k race the weekend before the 4th in a local town. They had a wave start to alleviate concerns about physical [social] distancing. There were no gatherings before or after the race. There was no water stop. Even so, it was a real race and I got to do it. I was shooting for a PR, which I thought was anything faster than 28:45. That was, until I found a pint glass I’d gotten from a local race as a prize and found that 28:16 was actually my best 5k time. It was humid that morning, but I was still bent on getting my best time. Fortunately, I ran into my friend, Jess at the start line and I latched on to her to hold pace. That was, until I couldn’t hold my pace and I actually felt like I was going to be sick. I pulled back and reset. I tried to keep moving as fast as I could and I finished in less than 30 minutes, which has to be the best official time I’ve had since I tore my peroneal tendon in 2016. I was disappointed, but I was actually a little proud that I was actually getting back some speed and pleased to have run a real race. After speaking to some experienced runners, they were surprised that I’d attempted to PR in those conditions and cautioned against trying in the heat.

My long term 2020 goal was to PR at my 10th half marathon in St. Charles, MO. The MO Cowbell was my planned race for the 4th of October. I was disappointed when I had to defer half marathon number 9 in April. I still virtually ran it with Judy. We’ve even kept up our mileage so training wouldn’t be as hard in the late summer months. Then, I saw the announcement on social media about the Cowbell going virtual this year. No race; No rematch with the mile long hill near highway 370 or running through Old Town seeing all the dogs people bring out to cheer for the runners. I don’t even want to say I was disappointed. It was more. I was frustrated and discouraged. I don’t fault the race or its organizers for it. I understand it is the stupid virus. I am tired of its existence.

I get to run another real, in person 5k this weekend. Another wave start race. I’m not shooting for a PR. I just want to run it for the tank top that comes with the race. I’m hoping I get another opportunity to beat my time in October.

I honestly think my running performance improvements are directly related to my working out at my gym, Be Strong. I’m stronger and less prone to injury. I’m also just a better all around athlete than I was before. I have cross trained in the past and I don’t think it helped me as much as this type of fitness programming has helped. I’m hooked and super enthusiastic about it. I feel like I have this amazing support system and I actually enjoy working out. I did their Hero WOD this 4th of July and I got another coin for it.

I stand by what I said awhile back when all this began. It is okay to be angry and upset with the things that are affecting you at this time. It isn’t selfish just because there is someone out there who “has it worse.” Emotions are valid and necessary.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find something to enjoy and hang on to it. I also hope to find more “in person” racing.

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