Minus Fat, Plus Muscle

I got the results of the 28 day shred, but this week was insane, so I didn’t really come here to write it all down. I lost 9 pounds of fat and gained 2.4 lbs of muscle. This means the scale didn’t move down 9 lbs, but that fat is gone. This tells you and me that the scale isn’t the way to measure progress unless you have other things in place to measure progress.

I did not come in first place because my body composition change was .4% less than the person who earned first. So close, though! I still got a prize pack that was really cool:


I mostly stuck with my eating plan after Easter. I was volunteering at the school and lunch was sometimes after 2 snacks instead of between, but I got my eating in and only had a couple of Easter treats spread through the week. I made my chocolate bunny last 5 days and I was actually proud of myself for that.


The bunnies are all the same size, but half are different serving sizes. Nutrition facts are so weird.

I did not have a firm focus into fitness this week and I was actually fine with pulling back a little bit. As an introvert, I spent too many days around a lot of people and I was completely exhausted most of the week. I walked when I could and I stretched and used my foam roller. I rowed at the gym by my house on Monday and did a few body weight exercises while I was there. I went to the crossfit gym on Wednesday and Saturday morning and busted my butt both times.

I feel more confident in working out. I have a lot to learn with the movements used for lifting heavy things, but I am making progress. I food prepped my breakfasts and lunches for the week and I think I can keep up with that more easily than eating separate dinners from my family. I’ve said before, I’m a pretty good cook and I tend to put together balanced meals. I’m just watching my portions a little more closely at night since logging the calories in a diary is more complex when food comes from scratch and I never measure anything.

My newer goal isn’t a size. I want to change my body composition to be more muscular and less fat. I want to continue to run and do my October half marathon (Detroit Free Press). My friend has talked me into a Warrior Dash in July. I want to be able to complete the course without skipping any obstacles. Eventually, maybe I’ll be competitive with the crossfit. That’s probably really far down the road and  not quite on my radar.

Though, I know that any time I get an inkling of an idea of what I’m going to do, I don’t stop until I’ve done it. I’m still hooked on the idea of doing another marathon despite the terrible experience I had with my first and only 26.2. It’s in my head even though the goal is 2 years away.

I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far. I want to stay on it. I intend to stay on it.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! Are you making plans for short and long term? The goal that’s definitely within your reach and the other goal that seems crazy right now? I believe in you!!


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