Mid-week Writing

I have so much floating around in my head today. It could be that I had a little extra caffeine this morning. It could also be that I am reaping the benefits of no binge eating along with exercise.

This week, I planned workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Putting it on my phone calendar like an appointment has helped my accountability. I ran on Tuesday to my polling place about a half of a mile away, and ran around the block to get home instead of going straight into my subdivision. That made it a mostly uphill run, but I felt good despite being slower than what I’m used to running.

I recorded it in two runs on Garmin. This is one.

My nutrition changes started to get into my head Tuesday around lunch. Wednesday, I tossed out my pre made meal instead of eating it. To be fair, it had been frozen and thawed which affected the flavor. I decided to mix things up from my meal plan, put hummus into tuna, and eat it with celery and carrots. I sprinkled on some hot sauce and ate it all. I was concerned about tuna but I was pleasantly surprised.

I have noticed that eating every few hours has curbed my binge urges. I’ve had some major bouts with anxiety, but my depression seems to be under control. My body insecurity is high. I have a mirror and I don’t like what I see there. I know results take time, so I’m being patient with myself. I am ashamed that I let my fat get this out of control. I have faith that this is the last time I need to work so hard just to get healthy and that I’ll be good at maintaining my health.

This week, instead of making myself all individual meals, my dinners are planned for the family. Some parts of it are separate for myself, but it feels less like I’m having something entirely different than they are. That has also improved my outlook on eating well. I’m even going to try making a turkey and quinoa meatloaf.

Post after workout shower selfie.

I’m hoping for good numbers Saturday. I hope it gives me an idea of how well the changes are working.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! It would appear Spring is trying to make an entrance. I sure hope so.

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