Passing Past Jenn

Either my mind was ready to come out of the depressive slump I’d been in or my new dose of medicine finally kicked in and took me back to a much better plane. I guess it could be some combination, but I refuse to look into it too deeply because I’m better and that’s really the most important. Being depressed stinks and it never quite feels like its not a burden to bring it up. I feel like it makes me less likely for people to come to me when they’re down because they don’t want to bother me and I don’t want that to happen. I have a lot of wisdom to share with people about the big dark valley and climbing out. So there’s that and then there’s stuff I find more important and interesting to discuss in my weekly update.

This weekend, I ran the most miles in one day than ever before. How many? 14.85 miles! I was slotted to run 14, but a mistake on my part led to some extra mileage being tacked on during my mentoring session for the half marathon. Fortunately, there weren’t hard feelings and the person I took on the little extra jaunt was physically able to complete the run despite the extra bit added on. We started out our run with a drizzle of rain that turned into an absolute downpour. I tried to keep things light and joke about how I didn’t understand why God thought we needed a shower because we hadn’t gotten stinky yet. I high fived other runners on the trail and congratulated them for running in the rain. I tried as much as possible to make it a positive memory instead of a dreaded one. For me, it worked. Soaking wet, I was still thankful that there were clouds on a route which doesn’t see a lot of shade. I probably let the weather distract me from the course, though. Upon returning to the beginning, I set out to run the next 5 with Jane, who was mentioned in my first half marathon post as my mentor. We’re running together now to train for the full marathon. While she had not made the same error in miles as I did, we ran together to make the 9 mentoring miles into 14 training miles. She told me I could stop when I hit 14, and I told her I would. As we approached the end, I couldn’t just stop. I wanted to run it in with my friend and I decided that tacking on less than a mile would just bring me closer to 26.2 and that was what I was training for in the first place. So I ran it in, we stopped our tracking watches and walked a little ways to loosen up and relax after our longest run ever. When we got back to our starting point, we asked some fellow runners stopped at the water fountain to take a picture. We intended to hold up our hands to show “14,” but we were both hungry and tired and completely forgot. So here we are….smiling:


Driving home from the run, I couldn’t remember why my clothes were soaked. I couldn’t bring myself to stop anywhere for a quick bite to eat or coffee to drink. I went home and cleaned up and changed, then spent the day with my family. I made myself stay awake until the kids went to bed, then I was relieved to lie down and rest.

Sunday’s weather was cool and calm. It was perfect to run our 6 miles at goal pace, to which Jane referred to as “Two 3 mile runs.” My knees were killing me, but we had negative splits (faster each mile) for miles 1-5. Funny how 6 miles after running 14 the day before feels easy.  I wound up napping Sunday afternoon because my tiredness finally caught up to me and I think I may have not eaten enough to make up for the amount I burned the day before.

I’m excited to surpass my longest run yet again this weekend with a 15 mile run. I will be doing a lot of passing old records in the coming weeks leading up to my first marathon. I have a 5k race on Sunday that I’m not sure I’ll be in shape to ‘race’ my fastest, but I am excited to attend because its something new and different as far as location. I am excited about the prospect of cooler temps being a possibility in the near future. I feel good about the future and about finishing my first marathon.

Thanks for reading! Have you ever gone off course or missed a turnaround? Do you have goals to surpass your own records or recent achievements?

*If you ever wonder, I do my long runs in CW-X compression shorts, I wear Feetures Elites socks, I prefer the Juno bra by Brooks, and I use something called Tri Glide to prevent chaffing. I’m not sponsored by any of these brands and was not asked to promote them. I just thought I’d tell you what I like. It really varies by person.

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