Notes from week 1

I’ve been writing in a notebook to give myself a ‘journal’ of sorts to look at and put short notes in as I go through the experience of training for a marathon. I’m hoping I actually keep up with it.

Official Marathon training began a week ago Monday, but the first group run was Thursday. The group was fairly small, but not everyone who enrolled was there.

Thursday: 3 miles/Hydration Clinic 

Amphipod rep Judy spoke to us about hydration being important even when the weather is not hot. She also had Sport Bean samples available to take with us as well as demos to bring along on our run. I tried a belt with 2 bottles that I wound up buying. We also tried a drink made from a product called Glukos. It left a very colorful coating of orange on the drunk bottle I used, but it came off after a quick scrub with a bottle brush.

Friday: Off/Rest (I actually rested even though I considered a little run.)

Saturday: 5 miles (mentoring) + 3 miles = 8 total 

Simple out and back course mentoring the half marathon group for 5 miles. Returned to the start point and did hip exercises and stretches. Then, I met up with another person in the full marathon group who was also mentoring for the half marathon. We ran 3 miles in the blazing heat and oppressive humidity for our “long run” of the week. Fortunately, the half group was having a ‘nutrition clinic’ and I had samples of products to sample and replace the electrolytes and calories lost during the first part of the run.

Sunday 4 miles at “Goal Marathon Pace/GMP”

I showed up early for our 7:30am meeting time and nobody else was at the parking lot, so I got out and walked around a little to look for other people. I finally saw the Fleet Feet wrapped vehicle pull into the parking lot and I walked over to chat. She had Gatorade Endurance and water for us as well as ice to load up on. The marathon group members were scheduled to have their long run on that day, but I was able to find a running partner that was going to run the same 4 miles as me. After discovering the Gatorade taste was “off” because it was a bottle of concentrated liquid that hadn’t been diluted, we all had a good laugh and set off on our run. While the heat made maintaining a good pace difficult, conversation made it much easier to finish. I left with a feeling of confidence in the upcoming training.

I’m not sure if this is how I’ll post weekly. It seemed easy for my first post, though. I have some challenging workouts ahead. The weather has been pretty hot. I’m hoping I learn to temper the heat. I am excited for the coming weeks and hopeful for race day. I’m not quite at the point where I can confidently say that I can run 26.2 miles all at once.

Have you started training for a fall race? What are you worried about? What are you looking forward to?

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