Beginning something

Today marks week 3 of mentoring half marathon training and week 1 of training for my first full marathon. I should be going 3 miles tonight as part of the plan, but I’m taking one additional day of rest. Today, I looked over my race calendar in comparison to my training plan calendar. There will be a few times where I’m doing miles after a race. There are  days that are switched due to my schedule with the half marathon group. Fortunately, someone else did the work on adding full marathon training to the half marathon training.

I started last week with a pain in the back of one of my legs that was nagging and worrisome. I had somehow hurt myself doing weighted squats, I believe. My husband told me that he was fairly certain the pain was in my hamstring. I was also dealing with spiraling into the darkness of depression. I was feeling less optimistic each day. The pain in my leg was not helping me look forward to upcoming training. I saw the doctor and had my medication adjusted to help with ongoing exhaustion and my newly worsening emotional state. She also ordered tests to look at physical causes. I continued to rest my leg and wrap it each day.

Saturday, I had a morning running session of 4 miles and a 5k race in the evening. I kept my leg in compression most of the day including during the race. I didn’t get a personal best, but I really pushed myself and I didn’t feel bad afterward. It wound up being a really fun day and night. I felt more relaxed on Sunday and I spent much of the day just being relaxed.

Today is day 1 of week 1 of marathon training. I’m supposed to run 3 miles, but I’m taking one extra day to rest my body, especially my legs, before starting this new challenge. I’m nervous and excited to take this on. I’ve looked through the plan and I hope to take it on and tackle it. I’m fortunate to have supportive and encouraging people surrounding me. I am grateful that I have a body that is able to take me running. I’m sure I’ll run the gamete of emotions through training and probably during the hours of the goal race. I’m curious to find out how I feel, how I do, and what I think of the whole thing once I’m done. How will I feel about what I’m thinking about it today? Let’s find out!

Have you started training for a fall long race? Is it your first? Is it not your first? How do you feel about it?  Best of luck to you in your endeavors whether or not they’re running! Come visit me over the next 16 weeks to see how training is going. I’ll try to drop in once a week with an update.


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