I’ve been doing races since June of 2013 starting with the Superhero Dash for Unlimited Play, a charity for building all inclusive accessible playgrounds (check them out here). This weekend was my 3rd go at the 5k race and a course PR (personal record) for me. The first course was different from the last 2 years, but that’s not really the point. I beat my best! Yay!

This year, I wore Captain America gear since the movie came out this summer and I can use the same outfit for my 5 mile race on July 4th with very few changes to make it work for the holiday. I’m thrifty like that.

I drove from my Central Illinois home to a community in the outskirts of the Metro St. Louis area. A drive that normally takes me a little under 3 hours took me over 4 thanks to some construction lane closures and a light drizzle. That was fine. I got to go have dinner with my bestie, then watch Deadpool for the first time. NOT a kid appropriate movie as Mr. Reynolds himself has warned many times, but it is absolutely entertaining. I think I’ll need to get myself a copy soon (paid for, of course).

I said at the beginning that my race was a course PR. It was not a 5k PR for me since my best official time at a race was 29 minutes. This race was 29:24, but not nearly as flat as the one where I set my current record. I’m still proud. I ran my rear end off. I would have liked to have placed, but comparing my times to the people who came in ahead of me, it wasn’t in the cards for me. My best friend and I ran it together with occasional banter and sometimes whining. The air was humid and heavy. I used much of my handheld water bottle to dump on myself at various times to help cool down. I pushed hard and so did she. Maybe some other time, we’ll place in the top 3 at some race and hopefully be in different age groups. Until then, I have my own PR to beat and that’s what I’m focused on in 5k races.


Top 10 in AGE! Yay!

This weekend is the goal race for the 5k program that I’ve been involved in as a mentor. My husband is running it and my kids are doing the fun run at the same event. My husband has a finish time in mind that I don’t think I could even dream of. My kids are excited for the fun run and the little ones are psyched to be able to run like mom and dad do.

I’ve already started worrying about the 15k race the following weekend. I have one more long run of 9 miles this Sunday before the race. I think I’m getting better acclimated to the heat, but it hasn’t been easy. No matter what, I’ll have a PR at the 15k because this is my first. I’m hoping to finish and to continue with my long runs to make the start of marathon training in July a little easier on my body. I’m ready!

Oh, I forgot to take a best friend selfie before the race of our Captain America shirts, but I have one of me with my medal and her middle cat, Kidden in the background. He looks huge because he kind of is.



Are you more focused on winning over your own best over placing in the races you run? Do you have any goals set for racing? Do you have one race that you go back to as tradition?


3 thoughts on “Race-iversary

  1. Awesome work! I always just aim for my personal best (vs. placing) and my goal is just to beat my previous time! 🙂 I don’t really have a tradition race yet – though I have done the Color Run twice, so maybe it’ll be that one. 🙂

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