Nervous Nelly

Last week, once I felt better, I did some asking around. I polled people in an online running group about what to do to prepare for my races despite my brief break from training due to illness. Most people said to continue to rest until the 10k race on Saturday. That’s what I felt was right for me, so I went that route.

Saturday morning, people were concerned about how I was feeling and whether I was better. I assured them that I felt much better than I did and was hoping for a good race. My running family made me feel special by being concerned about me. I ran the race with one of the people in the training group I had met over the 11 weeks of training. She ran the race in honor of her late sister. I was humbled that she shared that with me.  I was also impressed at the progress she’s made over the weeks we’ve trained. We finished the race strong. The only effect for me running after being sick was a mild headache that quickly went away once I had an electrolyte drink and half of a banana. I was definitely sore on Sunday when it came time to run recovery, though. Sore, but pleased that all of the weeks of training had finally seen people cross the finish line in their goal race.

Now, I’m gearing up for a half marathon this weekend. Our 10k training group trained along with a group training for this half marathon. This will be my first out of town race that isn’t back in St. Louis (metro). I’m both extremely excited and anxious about the whole thing. The forecast so far has shown that it will be windy and chilly Saturday morning at race time. I’ve already started putting together possible outfits for different weather scenarios. I’ve also put my nutrition gels, tissues, hand sanitizer, and bib pins in my hydration belt to ensure I’m fully prepared on race day. I even bought bottled water to fill the bottles on my belt on race day. I’m pretty serious about being completely over-prepared.

This experience in training has been amazing. My running family has grown by so much and each person brings so much to the table. I have met people who didn’t realize their own abilities until they got out and challenged themselves. I’ve gotten to know people and their stories and I’ve grown to really care about them on a more personal level. I stayed active through the miserable winter months and I don’t have any ‘winter weight’ to shake off in training this season. I’m actually going to be mentoring people to run a 5k race over the next couple of months.

I suppose I’ve been sucked in to running, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my running buddies and I love to run. I can’t wait to share the latest PR or see who is running what race. In a world full of people who don’t know their closest neighbor, I have a sense of community with other runners in my town.

Wish me luck on my half marathon this Saturday. My PR is 2:17, so let’s hope for at least a 2:15. It should be easy if I stick with the pace group for that time or maybe start in the 2:10 group. I don’t know. See? Anxious.

Thanks for reading! Happy racing!


Practice embarrassing facial expression 2016

Training group photo

Me, dead center, embarrassing facial expression.(2015)


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