I’m a planner

Well, then. I am sure I have something to write about, but I started this whole thing not knowing my direction. That’s highly unusual for me. I’m a planner. I usually have my days planned out and my routes planned for things in advance. No matter how often the daily scripture book I read tells me that not everything will go according to my plan and to take comfort in it, I freak out a little when things don’t go the way I plan.

This past weekend, I reserved a rental car to drive to see my friend that lives 200 miles away so we could exchange Christmas presents and I could pick up my birthday present. The family minivan is the safer of our two vehicles and the sedan isn’t exactly a reliable car anymore. I scheduled to pick up my car at 9:30. I got up in the morning pretty close to 7am, got dressed and rushed out of the house because I thought my training run started at 7:30am and the meeting place was clear across town. I was trying to get there earlier than the start time like I’m supposed to and I pulled in to a completely empty parking lot. I didn’t have my folder with me that had the meeting  places on a sheet of paper, so I sent a frantic text to a friend who is also in the program. She replied within a few minutes that I was actually really early and to wait there because she was on her way soon. So I was 30 minutes early because I thought I was running late. That’s actually par for the course for me because I try to never be late. I get annoyed when other people are late with me. So, I get to the rental place right before 9:30 to pick up my reserved car. There is already a woman at the counter who is asking a lot of questions and then gets her card declined, takes the time to get on her phone and make a credit card payment, ask the representative to try her card again after a couple of minutes, gets declined again, then asks to use another card. This whole thing took about 20 minutes and while she was apologetic, I was highly annoyed. I went as fast as I could to be on time for when I scheduled my pick up, skipping taking a shower and changing out of my sweaty running clothes to stand there and wait patiently for someone who was ill prepared for her pickup. I told my friend that I’d be on my way to her house by 10:30am, so I rushed home and took a shower and left my house right before 10:30am. Still on time…score! Yeah, that’s how I am. It didn’t matter to her that I left at that time, but to me, I was really counting on being gone by then. I even got home on Sunday in time to watch “the big game” on TV and squeeze in a mile right after halftime.

This week’s Tuesday run was mostly uneventful. We had 4 miles to go for training. The windchill was -1 degree(s) and the temp was in the teens. There were some patches of slippery ice along the way, but we stayed upright and didn’t get windburn or frostbite. I think it would have been a very miserable 4 miles if I wasn’t running with another person. That’s a huge advantage to this group training. I have a history of quitting in the winter because it’s too cold and I get bored with the elliptical machine I have. I was quitting because of excuses. Running despite the cold is a wake up call that my dedication is stronger than my excuses this time.

This weekend will be 4 miles and I’m looking forward to running in the light of day again. I’m also looking forward to being there at the right time.  I have no real plans this weekend after the group run. Except I have to rush home because my  husband is going to be working this weekend since someone who normally does it had a loss in the family. I got everyone in my family, including myself, a little Valentine. We don’t go all out for it since we don’t place much value on the holiday.

I’m still running outside every day for at least a mile. Sometimes, I rib people who run inside instead of out. If I had a gym membership, I’d be indoors for many of these runs as well. Especially the 1 mile runs where I have to bundle up to run a quick jaunt around the block.

I’m still battling with depression. Some days, I feel so tired, I have to force myself to move. Yesterday was one of those days. I wound up running a mile and doing some weight training. I was still tired while I was doing it and after, but I made myself do it. I slept in a bit this morning and had a late start to my errands, but they’re done. Winter is tough on the mind. Sometimes, just being able to cope with it is a win.

I’m currently reading “The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances” by Matthew Inman/The Oatmeal. It was one of the gifts I got from my friend on my trip last weekend. So far, it is hilarious. I would highly recommend it to runners. The Oatmeal is one of my favorite writers, so it isn’t surprising that I’d like it. *Unpaid/unsolicited endorsement.

I’ll let you get back to your perusing the interwebs. Thanks for reading my blog this week despite my lack of direction. I think it worked out fine, though. Hope it did. Let me know if you have any questions or subjects you want me to talk about.


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