Still going strong

I ran outside every single day this year for at least 1 mile. Even when I wasn’t feeling well and even when the windchill was negative degrees Fahrenheit, I pulled on my shoes and did it.  I’m working on perseverance, I suppose. I thought after forcing myself to get out and run when I wasn’t feeling well, I’d give up the streak after a month of doing it. I was wrong. February 1st rolled around and I dutifully went out and ran my mile to ensure I didn’t break the streak.  I can’t just drop it after this long. That was the reason when I was sick at the end of January and that is the reason now. I’ve done it this long, so I might as well keep doing it until I literally cannot go on.

I’m in week 4 of my first experience in mentoring. I am in a group training to run a 10k. That’s a little more than 6 miles. Many of the participants have run a 5k before and are going to double their race distance now. I find that impressive and challenging. We have an evening group workout and a morning group workout each week in addition to individual training on other days/nights. This week, our evening workout was hills. We ran a course that involved 2 loops with hills on them and we ran the loop twice. I was worried that it would be rainy that night, but it turned out to be a dense fog where the night seemed eerie. It was warm, too. I’m pretty sure most of us out there broke a sweat. Only once did I feel like I screwed up and it was because I did. I told the people I was running with that we were turning left ahead, then wondered why they turned the opposite way from me when I went right. The correct direction was right. I tried to laugh it off, but I felt like a huge ditz mixing up my directions out loud. The people I ran with kept a really good pace despite having to climb the hills and I was impressed at how they kept it up and didn’t really complain. I probably complained quite a bit on my first hill workout in training. I know I did, actually. This weekend will be a progressive run where we warm up, get faster each mile, then cool down. I have been working on negative splits for months, so I’m ready to challenge other people to do it with  me.


I love running, so I thought mentoring was an obvious choice for running in a group while I’m not personally training for anything. So far, I’ve discovered that I’m always worried about whether I’m doing it right and I often ask other mentors who have experience if I’m doing things right. I am really enjoying doing it, though. I also enjoy pestering the people who organize our program because I’m a worrier. It is only week 4 and we have some time ahead. I keep reminding myself that this is my first time and I just have to be open to learning how to teach and remembering what I liked best about my training mentors.

Running totally burns off the crazy. Our problems with the teen are ongoing. Some have to do with people who want to insert themselves into the situation so others notice them. Some have to do with my daughter not being completely honest and being more of a ‘forgiveness instead of permission’ type of person. Then, more has to do with the fact that while everyone blames parents for everything their kids do, we don’t have the ability to be there 24/7 to monitor their behavior and they are individuals with their own minds and thoughts. We can teach, but we can’t decide what lesson the student ultimately gets from it.

So, I’ll keep on streaking with at least a mile a day. I’ll keep on training through the goal race at the end of week 11. I’ll keep on trying to become the best mentor that ever existed and being critical of myself about what I do during training. I’ll keep on parenting my teen and trying to instill good values and morals and hope she clings to them one day. I’ll continue to be a good example of it just in case that’s a better teacher, which I think it is.

Are you still working at your goals for this year? Are you aware that this is typically the week of the year when resolutions taper off? What are you going to do to not be in that statistic? I’d say not make a resolution, but it’s a little late if you already did. Are you your biggest critic? Do you try to be a fan of yourself once in awhile?


Obviously, that’s me in the lead….misdirecting.


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