Winter is…

…a big dummy head.

That’s right. I said it. While I’m fine with donning layers of gear to stay warm, I don’t like that most of my runs are in the dark and that snow is lingering on the ground on most of my routes. Not only that, but I am coughing, sniffling, and sneezing like crazy. Then, I find myself disinfecting everything when I’m already fastidious about the keeping the house clean. My hands are like paper from constant washing and rewashing.


Winter reality….

Stop my whining, right? I mean, I didn’t get stuck indoors from a blizzard and I have the means to get warm and out of the cold. I have modern medicine to help with the germs.

I have run outdoors every single day for at least one mile since January 1st of this year. I’ve been out with the wind against what little skin was bare felt like something crashing into my face. I ran in the piles of snow on the sidewalk that were pushed there by plows removing it from the street. I tiptoed along the shiny spots on the road that were possibly ice. I’ve purchased attachments to my shoes called Yak Trax that have spikes and other metal on the bottom to improve my traction. I’m proud of myself.

This is the first winter since I’ve started running that I didn’t take a hiatus for whatever reason. I haven’t made excuses to stop running and I’m reaping the benefits. I haven’t been hit quite as hard with the winter blues as I normally am. I won’t be complaining about how hard starting back up is in the spring. I will be ready to run when the 10k approaches at the end of March. I’m less likely to have too much winter weight gain to deal with when it gets warm again. This is a big deal.

So, while I might not be fond of some of Winter’s lesser qualities, I’m kicking it in the butt and not letting it take me down. I could find just as many things to whine about in the summer, but I’ll admit that I just don’t like being cold. Everyone has their preference and I can get cooled off much more easily than heated up.

That said, training in this weather is helping me in so many ways. I am glad that I am doing it. I have met new people who are fun, interesting, and enjoy running. I ran uphill in the snow feeling the resistance in my legs and the soreness after. I’ve put on my gear and ran when I wanted to just call it a day and go to bed. One day, I ran around the block to do my mile and was the only set of prints in the snow on the sidewalk. The next day, I ran the opposite way around the block and my shoe prints from the previous day were still the only ones there with the exception of a few animal tracks.  My commitment to fitness is stronger than my fear of pain or struggle. It is exercising my mind to be stronger in addition to my body.  So, go ahead and chuckle at my ‘streaking’ because I like to smile about it, too. Think about joining in and completing a month or more of deliberate daily fitness.

Are you getting workouts in to your schedule despite the weather? Do you find it harder because the sun isn’t up yet for your morning run and it’s already gone for your evening ones? Do you have any questions for me? Comment or send me a message! I really appreciate each reader and I’d love feedback!

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