Keeping it alive

You’d think that I was talking about parenting in the title. Especially since that was probably my main concern when I had my first child. You have a general idea of how to keep another human alive, and you realize that actually goes on much longer than you initially anticipate.

What I was actually referring to in the title was keeping the streak alive. My streak is running at least 1 mile per day every single day. This seems easy in the big scheme of things, but it is January and I live in the Midwest. The temperatures have been lower than frigid and often downright biting cold. I have been running in sub zero wind chills a few times. I limit my time to a mile on the days where the windchill is that low. I cover my skin as much as possible. I use layers and materials that were intended to use in the cold.

The streak has helped me already this month. I’ve had some not so great days with the teenager. One night in particular, she was spewing hateful vitriol at me and at my spouse. I was frustrated and emotionally hurt. It wasn’t the things she said that hurt as much as having to wonder why she was trying so hard to hurt me. It was difficult to have someone I love treat me with so much hatred. Watching someone in the throes of mania and being powerless to help is nearly unbearable. I had plans that night for a social and I couldn’t even think about leaving without tears welling in my eyes. My husband tried to assure me that once I got out and met with people, I’d be okay. I opted to stay home, but I went straight to my room and I put on my running clothes and shoes and I hit the road. I only ran a mile, but in the first couple minutes of my run, the tears were gone. I could feel myself relax and my mind focus away from the anger and the sadness. I came home after my quick run and I felt completely different from when I’d left.

This past week was the first in the training program that I joined as a mentor. I  volunteered to help with either 10k or half marathon. So far, I’ve been helping with 10k and I really enjoy it. I’ve been to 3 group runs so far and I just love spending time with runners. People have amazing stories to tell. I’m impressed by people who just started running and are in a program to do something bigger. I’m amazed that people who have run the distances already are in the program to get better. I’m happy to see people I’ve met before helping mentor the program. The energy is positive and I feel recharged when I’m around such an amazing group. I’m enthusiastic about the upcoming weeks and the goal races. I hope that I do well mentoring because I’ve enjoyed it so far and I hope that the people I interact with can feel how much I enjoy it through what I do and say.

Do you head out in the frosty temps? Do you find yourself reminiscing about summer running?

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, just let me know. Also, if there’s something you think I should write about, drop me a line.



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