Oh, so funny…


My drawing skills have not improved at all…

We all see the memes on our timelines. You know, the ones that make sedentary lifestyles seem like they’re cool and/or funny. “If I’m running, you should run. Because something is chasing me.” I see the humor. I get a good laugh out of them once in awhile. I mean, I used to nod along with many of them. BUT, here’s the thing: If you can show pride in your lack of exercise, I can show pride in my exercise habits. I like to eat snap peas and drink lots of water. It doesn’t make me sad. I also like candy and chocolate. I’m not ashamed of my healthy lifestyle and there’s really no reason to be.

I’ve found that since I’ve started eating better and regularly exercising, I have more energy. Not only do I feel less tired through the day, I sleep better at night because I’ve used up the energy I consumed. My depression has been easier to deal with since I’ve chosen a healthier lifestyle. I’m not suddenly cured. I have the same ups and downs. I have a new tool to deal with it. I can renew some of my energy through physical activity.

It is all about lifestyle choices when you’re looking into whether you want to be active or sedentary. It comes down to how much you’re willing to try. Nobody who works out is trying to convert everyone they meet into a runner, weight lifter, or professional belly dancer. The person trying to get you to be healthy probably cares enough to want you to be around a little longer. They might even just want you to feel the happiness they feel when they work out. They may even want someone to be their buddy so you can relate to each other with this experience.

So, it is funny to maybe talk about how much we enjoy our lazy time, but wouldn’t it be more fun if the lazy time was in between lots of activity?  I mean, if you’re up and running, you really are lapping everyone on the couch. That’s funny, too!

Tonight is the first session of the 10k/Half Marathon training program I’m involved with as a mentor. For the participants, I honestly hope become converts that love to run in all of the elements. I at least hope they get to their goals and realize the pride that goes along with their choice to pursue a goal despite the cold weather and mental challenges that go along with running new distances. I’m psyched to be involved. Maybe someone in my group will come up with some new, hilarious meme one day about running in the cold or something that people like us can relate to and laugh in agreement. Until then, we’ll see your sitting and raise you a nice warm up.



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