What’s that about making lemonade…

I’m not really sure how I’d go through all of the tangled stories I’ve heard from my oldest this week, so I won’t attempt the feat. I’m exhausted. I’d like things to calm down, but it seems like things keep accumulating instead and I’m just trying to keep my footing instead of traversing the hill.

Working out this week was great. While it didn’t make me instantly forget about or recover from my depression, it gave me a temporary escape from the tension at home.

The core workout on Wednesday was better than it has been the past few times. I felt a little more confident and attempted more complicated form for some of the moves that we perform during the session. So, I went up on my toes for push ups and for planks a couple of times. It wasn’t easy, but I tried it out and I’m happy about that. It was also nice that I didn’t quite feel like I was going to pee my pants during the jumps. That made me feel more at ease with the workout as a whole. Oh, the things that seem so small that make such joy are often quite comical.

Thursday was not feeling like a 4 mile night, but I ran 3 with impressive negative splits. This means that I ran faster with each mile. I even beat my first mile by over a minute in the last. I’m excited to get out and run this week.

Friday was a Fleet Feet’s Ladies’ Night where we run or walk from the store and then have a social with potluck snacks after. I enjoyed spending time with people and talking about different things including running and plans for races in the future.

Saturday was the big day that I’d been preparing for. I was using the Ugliest Sweater run to keep my mind off of other things when I was at home. I got a sweater at the thrift store, sweater pants online, and I added my own flare to make a perfectly astounding Christmas-themed getup. It was so much fun! The run was 3 miles with stops to take selfies along the way. My time was over 35 minutes, which was actually pretty good considering the stops along the way to take photos and have conversation. My family even came along to cheer me on and it made me happy to see them along the way and hear them shout out to me. It was a great way to finish off a week that may not have been completely happy, but had so many high points, I can look back with fondness upon it.

I suppose when we’re going through hard times, it’s important to have some good times so we don’t have to look back and see only darkness. There are pinholes of light through the dark canopy. While there were tears, there were smiles and laughs. There was a feeling of being overwhelmed, but there was also joy.

I realized that in these times, I haven’t been as openly grateful to my readers as I used to be. So, thank you for reading. I appreciate your input and comments. I hope that you can find the glints of light through the dark times.



Just a hot Christmas mess with bells on.


Details, details…candy cane lips and red and green eye makeup

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