Brief Absence

Hello, all! I’ve been away awhile. I think rest is an important part of being fit, but I also had some things going on that kept me from my usual workouts.

My husband and I went to Hawaii on our first real trip together since our honeymoon. Before Hawaii, the furthest west I’d been was Omaha, NE. I don’t even remember much about that trip because I was probably 8 years old at the time. So, we went to Hawaii for something that my husband did through work. We stayed on Oahu in Honolulu. While I brought my running clothes, I donned them for the hikes we went on during the trip. We spent a little time on the beach, but the best parts of the trip was spent out on walks or hikes. My favorite part was hiking on the Aihualama Trail. We got muddy and we were on a path less traveled in the rainforest. The day we went, it wasn’t raining. The guides who drove us to see Manoa Falls assured us that was not an average day.

Aihualama Trail. I'm almost horizontal trying to get across these roots on the trail.

Aihualama Trail. I’m almost horizontal trying to get across these roots on the trail.

The trip was good for my husband and I to spend time together without interruption from our kids and with the freedom to do the things we enjoy doing together.

When we got back is a bit of a different story. We immediately started having trouble with one of our kids that I don’t think it proper to go into because we’re still dealing with it at this time and I don’t see an end to it any time soon. Just know that we have a teenager and teens do things that make you wonder how people make it past those years.

I finally made it to a fun run this last Monday night. The last time I’d run before that was October 15th, according to my Garmin history. Of course, my Garmin didn’t turn on at all this time. It felt good to run. I needed to burn off and sweat out the negative energy I’d accumulated. Thursday was the first night of the group I joined called “Winter Warriors.” The group was huge, there was a bit of rain falling, and it was actually a little warm outside. I was glad to get out again and clear my head and chat with other runners.

The break was worth it. I got some good walking in for my health. I wasn’t sedentary during my time off. That’s important to note, I think. Breaks from routine are good, but unless you’re injured or ill it’s a good idea to keep active somehow and get in some physical activity. You don’t have to hit the hotel gym on vacation, but taking a walk somewhere you might think of taking a cab might do some good.

My stress levels have been high and my eating has leaned into emotional snacking more often. I’ve procured some healthier foods for when I’m feeling the need to shove food in my mouth so that I’m not using fatty food or candy to try to feel better. I’ve managed to maintain my weight, so getting back to healthier habits will hopefully lead to some more loss in the difficult months ahead.

The months ahead are difficult for many reasons. The sun isn’t out as long. This leads to feeling a little more depressed and tired. Sometimes, it is harder to squeeze in physical activity outside of the house because the winter weather. I’m hoping the Winter Warriors group makes me feel more accountable for that. Then, there’s just something about being indoors all the time that feels a little sad. I’ve loaded up my Kindle with books, I joined a group that will keep me working out at least twice a week. I plan to attend the fun runs on Monday to add another day of accountability to my winter activity.

I’ll try to remember to check in next week after my first boot camp of Winter Warriors. We have Wednesdays for a core workout boot camp and Thursdays are our group runs. So, we shall see if I am feeling optimistic after completing my first core workout of the season.

Do you have a plan for the winter months to stay active? Is there a group or class you can join to help you stay physically active? What do you find difficult about the winter months?

Thanks for the memories, Hawaii. (Manoa Falls Trail)

Thanks for the memories, Hawaii. (Manoa Falls Trail)

3 thoughts on “Brief Absence

  1. Hi fellow mommy blogger!

    What a fun trip to Hawaii! Winter months, eek, I count my blessings that I’m not in a northern state. Although I could easily go work out during these months, I’m too far along pregnant to have a desire to. So even with the mild weather, my energy is non existent. 😦

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