From the finish to another start and over

I finished the half marathon alive. I’ve started looking for training tips on running a full marathon. I’m thinking that is still going to be October of next year if I do it. I have things to work on.

I took a week off of running before setting out to keep up my training. I actually had to take the week off because my husband was travelling on business and I was caring for sick kids. Fitting time in to get out and run isn’t plausible in that type of situation. The following week, I did a pretty intense resistance session on Nike Training, an app I have on my phone. I went to the Monday night fun run and tried running as fast as I could go for 4 miles. Tuesday, I went out for a run I intended to go 8-10 miles on.  I ran 9, then walked the 10th mile. Thursday, I set out early for a 6 mile run that I wanted to give up on in the first mile. Somehow, I talked myself through it and realized exactly how much of getting myself to go requires mental strength and positivity. I did a lot of internal bargaining with myself just to get past the 3rd mile, but I didn’t regret the workout once done.

I relaxed the next 2 days for a 5k Oktoberfest run where I wanted to beat my personal best 5k race time of 30:12 from September 2014. I’ve beaten that time in practice, but not yet at a race. My goal is always to get below 30 minutes. In practice, I still haven’t gotten below 30 minutes, either. I pushed myself to stay with someone who I know is faster than me for a little past the first mile. About a quarter of a mile past that, I started losing pace with her and distancing myself. At one point, I stopped to walk and catch my breath next to a runner that was walking from an injury or strain. I took off too fast and I paid for it. The rest of the race was me slowing and sprinting. A friend caught up to me and told me to get going faster and I did. Then, from a couple of paces behind me she told me to “go, go, go!” I sprinted most of the last tenth of a mile and came in at 30:15. Son of a…. Oh well. I kind of knew I wasn’t going to make my time when I stopped to walk. Next time. I haven’t signed up for another 5k just yet, but I will and I’ll whip that time. The girl I started with finished in 26:02, so I was a little ambitious to try to stay with her. It doesn’t mean I won’t try to do that again. I just need to work on my speed and my breathing technique.

My current focus is the 15k I’ve signed up for in December. It is becoming a tradition for my friend and I to run a Superhero Dash 5k in June together and the Hot Chocolate race in December together. I’ll be holding on to the habit of the long run for a long time to come, but I don’t plan to give up on 5k racing. I still haven’t run a 10k, so I should probably do one of those so I have a time to beat with those races also.

I had been pretty steadily losing weight and getting noticed for looking healthier by people. The scale and I are now a little too close and I’m slightly obsessed with weighing more than once a day. I’ve been hard on myself about it, but I’m trying not to let it push me into poor nutrition choices either way. I’m not going to binge and say it doesn’t matter because my mean old body will get heavier anyway. I’m not going to skip meals as a way of ‘punishing’ myself for not losing as fast as I want to. I just have to keep making healthy choices. I’m trying to carry over into making healthy choices the mental strength that I’ve gained from pushing myself to run. It is exhausting and frustrating. It can also be rewarding to know that I’ve conquered something that I felt powerless to before.

I am pretty far from my desired size. I still set smaller goals that aren’t tied to the scale or the measuring tape so I can try to see the weight loss as a bonus to the other things I’m doing. I can run a half marathon. I can do one-legged squats with weights. I can resist eating fast food. I’ve made new friends to talk to and run with. I also happen to weigh 30 pounds less than I did at the start of the year and I fit into my smaller pants.

There is probably something you’re missing that you should be proud of yourself for. Perhaps you are faster or stronger than you were. Maybe you make better choices for your health. You could also be setting a healthy example for someone else in your life. Have you really thought about the positive impact of your own health and fitness journey?

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