Double Digit Miles

This week seemed to have passed by in a blur. I took a slow and easy run on Monday night with the fun run group. Tuesday night’s run was at the same place as the Monday fun run. Thursday, I met up with a different local group for their social run. Saturday, I ran 10 miles. Sunday was a day off instead of recovery run.

Tuesday, I ran with a mentor that I don’t think I had run one on one with before. I was trying hard to push myself and she made it easy to keep going by being positive and reassuring. The goal was to run hard for the 3 miles between a warm up and cool down mile. I made sure to do that, but am glad I had someone with me to reassure me that I could slow down once I completed 4 miles. When I mentally wanted to stop, I bargained with myself that I could once I reached that mark.

Thursday, I drove up to a nearby lake to run with a group that does their social runs on Thursdays. I was able to find someone in my training group to run with. We saw deer on the trail and the lake was a pretty backdrop for the run. It was a nice, new place to have a run. I got to have a post-run cheeseburger and beer with some other people who are runners. I saw some people I already knew and I met a couple of new people. I didn’t do or say anything embarrassing, so I say that is a win.

Friday, I was feeling nervous about the planned run for Saturday. 10 miles is a big deal. In the middle of the day, I prepared lasagna and put it in the fridge for later. I chopped veggies for salad. I even made a peach crisp for dessert. I was so excited about the lasagna that I’d used an italian pork that I typically use for larger groups. It was not good. I had a few bites of it, decided I didn’t want any, and ate mostly salad with garlic cheese bread for dinner. The peach crisp was a delicious way to complete dinner.

Saturday morning, I woke up early and ate my whole energy bar. My tooth was nagging me with pain and I’d discovered a small fracture along the back that was loose. It was unpleasant, but I set out to put my stuff in the car and heard rain start falling. I rolled my eyes , realized I needed to go back in for one last bathroom break to avoid having to use a portable bathroom, and then set out on my journey to do 10 miles. The course divided into a 6 mile run north from the park we met, and a 4 mile run south. The first 6 miles was with a group of 5 women. It was very much like when driving tired and you’re not sure how you got from one point to another except that auto pilot must have been on. This worked to my advantage for the next 4. Our group got separated at the meeting point. I went on with completing the next 4 miles with a mentor from my group and one from a different distance group. While we were running, we discussed my pace and I assured them that I’m usually breathing heavy and a good indicator that I’ve run too fast is if I pass out (I was joking, of course). I could still run at a good pace after the distance we’d run and I actually got my fastest mile [on my newer GPS watch] during my 8th mile. I went on to have an iced coffee with people from the group later. I went home, took something for my tooth and took a rather long nap.

I wouldn’t have started this group had it not been for the kindness of the owner of the running store I’d gone into to buy headbands. I was running casually and trying to train for a 5k race. I found out the store had the type of headband that didn’t slip. She invited me to come to a fun run. I showed up for the fun runs, then she invited me to come to their Ladies’ Night Fun Runs. I started doing that, then I found out they had programs to train for races of all kinds. This training program has been an amazing experience. I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks already. I used to tell people I would never run for fun. Now that I do run, I can’t imagine not doing it. I want to go farther, faster, and be better at it. I’ve lost about 25 lbs since the beginning of the year. Most of it has been since the running program began. I do not have a slender physique. Many people wouldn’t peg me for someone who likes to work out. I don’t care about that. I have a runner’s body because I run. This is a runner’s body and it’s mine and you can’t diminish that.

Having said that, I’m not running 13.1 to lose weight or to get skinny. I am running it to take my focus off of how my body looks and see what it can do. I started running to lose weight. Now I do it for health. If I lose weight, that’s great. I want to celebrate that my body is capable of running 13.1 miles with training and I will celebrate that victory. I haven’t become a supermodel in 8 weeks and I won’t suddenly shed the pounds in the next 4. My body and I will have accomplished a feat that so many others haven’t. Of course I still have body image issues. I do think it stinks that I don’t look on the outside how I feel on the inside. I’m just trying to shed the “I wish” mentality and adopt a “I’m glad” one.

This week, I’m running hills on Tuesday and 11 miles on Saturday.

How did you do this week? Did you have any hurdles in the process of your fitness journey? Are you struggling with body image issues that impact your goals?

One thought on “Double Digit Miles

  1. I’m so glad that you decided to go out of your comfort zone and join the running group! I’m also so glad that you decided to join Nikki and I that day when we went to Starbucks! You will always be one of the originals! Looking forward to hills on Tuesday!! 😉

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