Week 7 : Over the hump

Welcome back! The training plan calendar I have goes 12 weeks and week 7 has just been completed. I ran 25.1 miles last week.

Monday evening was a fun run where I got to try Newton brand shoes. I felt like giving up almost as soon as the run began, but I made it 3 miles and I actually tried to run a few fast spurts. I got some free socks out of it and my husband was there with me for the run, so there were some bright spots.

Tuesdays during the training schedule are for group training sessions. Our group had 5 miles to run. The weather made the group run canceled due to incoming dangerous storms and lightning. Initially, it looked like the storm decided to skip our town since we’d canceled the run. About a half hour after we’d normally be out running, the storm came with a lot of thunder and lightning. So, I put it out on our group Facebook page a time and place that I’d like to meet to make up the run. Another member of the group needed an earlier time, so we agreed to meet at a park at 5am.

Wednesday morning, I got up before 5am. I ate a few bites of my energy bar, drank a little water, and headed out with my running flashlight to get 5 miles in. There were 4 of us. We ran in the dark for the first half of the run. The sun started to give us some light for the second half. I had actually gotten up earlier than I ever have before for a workout. It was a bit of a sleepy day, we completed the run early on.

Thursday also had 5 miles scheduled. The plan to run Wednesday morning was so that I could run Thursday evening and feel like I’d taken enough time off in between. It mostly worked. I was joining Fleet Feet for a promotion involving getting as many people together running as possible for 1 hour to get as many miles logged as possible. My husband brought the kids and they mostly walked the trail. I went to the halfway point for 4 mile runs and turned around to run the other mile around a lake near where we had parked. When I approached my husband and kids from behind, my 5-year-old son tripped and fell flat. He scraped his elbow and knee and was screaming pretty loudly. My husband told me he had it taken care of and to keep running. I looked at my watch and still had about 3/4 of a mile left, so I trotted off and then ran my last bit faster than I intended so I could catch back up to them. My legs were not pleased when I finished, but I walked around for a little while after I finished so I’d be moving the full hour.

Thursday was also the first time we’d dropped our youngest (3 years old) off for school. It was just for an hour, but it was rough. She did not want her dad or I to leave. It took awhile to get her to let us go and I choked back tears while her dad held her and encouraged her to go make new friends. She’d gone with me every day her brother had school last year and knew we always come back. She even has the same teacher he had the last 2 years. She did not care and didn’t want us to go away. Since she’s only going 2 days a week, she’s going back Tuesday and keeps asking me if I’ll be waiting for her in the parking lot all day. Yikes.

Friday night, we had pasta for dinner. I devoured spaghetti noodles doused in meat sauce and cheddar cheese. I thinly sliced peaches and put cinnamon sugar on them. I downed a bunch of water. I was hoping for a really good 9 miles on Saturday.

Saturday morning, I ate my energy bar and set out to run a 5 mile loop followed by a 4 mile loop. I thought that I wouldn’t want to stop at the 5 mile loop stop because I’d just want to get the other 4 over with. I actually needed the stop to pick up an electrolyte drink because I was getting a headache. I set out on the second leg of the run and was with a group of people who were keeping a good pace. By the time we reached the last mile, I looked down at my watch and I couldn’t believe I was just talking and running and not trying to find a reason to stop. I was really glad when it was over, but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t go on. I felt like I was just getting it done so I could go on to the next thing. It was nice and unexpected. Afterward, I had my celebratory coffee and conversation with people from the group that wanted to join. My family and I went out that day and walked around a festival. I logged over 22k steps on my pedometer by 2pm. I napped a little after that because I was pretty sleepy, but it was a good feeling of accomplishment.

Sunday, I set my alarm to get up and go on a social type of run with a different group. I knew as soon as the alarm went off that I wasn’t getting up just yet. One side of my face felt full and achy. I took decongestants and allergy pill and the combo just made me exhausted. I spent the rest of the day in a fog. Somehow, I still managed to get on my running gear in the evening and my husband set out to go 3 miles slow and easy with me. He didn’t wear his headphones and we exchanged conversation while we ran. It was nice to have stories to share with him.

I’ve stayed at home for 5 years and we’ve lived in a new place for almost 4 years. This is the most socially active I’ve been since I stopped working. He has expressed that he’s glad I joined the group and has noticed how good it has been for me to socialize again. Funny, I just thought I was getting physically fit. As it turns out, I really enjoy being around people who like running, too. No, I’m not cured of depression, but it doesn’t hold me down as much. I’m not where I want on the scale, but that isn’t my current goal. My current goal is to run 13.1 miles and I’m almost there. This Saturday, 10 miles. Next will be 11, and then we’re doing a practice run of 13.1 (yes, skipping 12 miles) on the real course. Eeek! So only a few weeks until I know I can do it, then a couple more weeks until I do it in a race setting. I’m actually really excited about it!!

Have you noticed any changes beyond physical ability since you started trying to get fit? Are you working toward your goal still?

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