Putting together the miles

I ran 21.5 miles in my 5th week of this training program. From the time I started using Nike+ for tracking my runs in 2013, my longest run was 6 miles in one day. This Saturday, I ran 7. I didn’t run 7 miles without stopping. I didn’t run/walk 7 miles. I ran a 5k race, ran a mile with someone in a training program that only required they run 4 miles that day, then ran 3 miles with an owner of the running store that is hosting the training program I’m in (and a few others). I think that was pretty cool of her to do since she’d also run the same 5k race and I was late to return to the group to finish our miles as we’d planned to ahead of time.

That was the highlight of this week in training. I outran myself. I didn’t place in the 5k. I ran a time I usually do in 5k races, but wasn’t able to beat my record of 30:01. My goal has been to get under the 30 minute mark. I ran farther than I ever have before one day, then I got out and ran 3 miles the next day. I’m here to type about it today, so I’m capable of doing it.

There wasn’t much in the way of exciting moments on my other runs this week. I ran a little faster than my most recent averages on my 4.5 mile Tuesday run. I enjoyed the help of a mentor to bring me to the finish the last half mile. Sunday’s 3 mile run after Saturday’s 7 was rough at first, but I actually finished up feeling good about it. It was humid and I’m pretty sure there was a little misty rain that I was too sweaty to feel. I also ran a weird route because I didn’t plan and had to add a few loops to make the miles add up right.

I’ve lost 19 lbs over the past few months. Around 10 of those have been since I started my training. I’ve eaten better for a while and I’ve been more active. My goal isn’t focused on the scale now. Part of the reason for joining a program to run 13.1 miles was to take my focus off of the number on the scale.  It is working in that I’m focusing on getting better at running and pushing myself to go harder,faster, and farther. It hasn’t removed the negativity involved in my body image. I have a long way to go. I see myself in photos and feel ashamed of my midsection. I see nothing but my belly in the pictures. I wonder why this has taken me years to lose such a small amount weight and beat myself up over it.

If that doesn’t seem like the person I project myself as, then I’m glad for that. I don’t want to seem unhappy. I sometimes get caught up in being disappointed in my faults instead of relishing in my strengths. That explains why I don’t often miss the opportunity to pat other people on the back.

I’m more confident that I can run a half marathon. I’m a little concerned about my hill workout tomorrow since it involves no cool down between uphills and involves 4 total miles. I’m actually more concerned over that 4 miles than I am 8 miles on Saturday.

Good luck to you in your fitness journey! Did you surpass yourself in anything yet? Best time, heaviest weight, longest distance, most reps are all things to pat yourself on the back for. Don’t forget to celebrate your little wins.

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