A week of hills, humidity, and hydration

Week 4 done and on to week 5. I’ve had a few experiences so far in this journey. My laptop that I’ve had for about 6 years was acting up, so I switched to using my husband’s primarily and this version of Windows is not meant for the laptop experience. That’s been a learning curve. I feel like I started a new job and have to re learn the system. I finally put all of my pictures and recipes to Google Drive. That’s probably not the journey you’re looking to read about today.

Tuesday was a group workout day. The challenge was hills. It was really one steep hill that people use for sledding when snow is in full swing. My group ran up that hill 5 times in a row. Thanks to having people there to mentor the group, I didn’t stop and walk or roll down the hill at any time. I kept moving forward and only mumbled expletives occasionally. It was humid and gross outside, but it could have been worse. There was a midday storm that lowered the temperature outside enough to make it a little more bearable than if it hadn’t rained.

I suppose the hill workout from Tuesday made my run on Thursday easier to handle. I didn’t feel as challenged by the smaller hills along one of my usual routes. I observed the need to relax on Friday to get ready for the long run on Saturday.

Saturday was 6 miles. That is the furthest I’ve run since I started about 3 years ago, but I was still a little tentative about doing it. I set out a little faster than I intended, so I deliberately slowed down until I passed my first mile. When my watch beeped for mile 2, I was pleasantly surprised that I had completed another mile already. I ran my 3rd mile with a mentor from the group and I got a 2nd wind and took off from where we turned around. I was feeling energetic and was trying to get faster with each mile as the training plan said. I felt good and when I started to feel tired, I managed to stay strong and not start walking. I did the 6 miles and I gradually sped up and slowed down in the last mile. I was pretty tired the rest of the day and I actually was having to try harder to hydrate than previous long runs.

The temperatures Saturday were cool compared to the hot and humid days that we’ve had here in Central Illinois. I still sweat a lot, though. This is where I talk about bodily functions if you don’t want to look. Every time I went pee for the few hours following my run, it was pretty yellow. I carried a water bottle on my run with watered down sports drink in it. I drank all of it along the route and once the run was complete. I drank more electrolyte drink when I got to where I’d parked. I drank a bottle of water when I got home. It was a few hours later that I finally got back to my usual light color of urine. I think I ignored my habit of drinking plenty the day before my longer runs. Either way, nothing bad happened because I followed the cues from my body to make sure I take care of myself even though I’m putting my body through this training.

Sunday was a 2 mile run. I put it off all day. I’d set an alarm in the morning. That was too early. I was outside in the early afternoon and it was too humid. I finally set out after dinner time. It was a good thing it was only 2 miles because I’d somehow lost my appetite and didn’t eat anything but a few pineapple slices for dinner. The challenge was to run as slow as possible. I set out running uphill away from my house and was going at a pretty good pace. I slowed to a jog and I kept having to slow down to stay at the pace I was shooting for, which was 13 minute miles. It was nice to get out and run.

Now I’m on week 5 of this journey and I’m excited to see how I feel this coming weekend. I’m running a 5k on Saturday morning, then finishing the other 4 miles to get 7 miles in for the day. Fortunately, there are other people in the group doing this or I probably wouldn’t be trying to.

Have you learned things along the way on your own journey? Did you learn new things about your body like how well you tolerate certain foods along with your fitness or how much you need to drink to replace what you sweat? Thanks for reading!

*This is a test spot to see if (my aunt) Lisa even reads this.*

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