One week down

I officially started training for a half marathon on Tuesday of last week. I have access to a training plan, support website, and a group on Facebook for added support. The group also gets a weekly newsletter and reminders about our group workouts in our email. I think it helps that I’m doing it with a group. We have mentors who have been through the program before that do the group runs with us. I really appreciated having a mentor to run with this Saturday as it was humid out and I had her to help me hold a comfortable pace so I didn’t wear myself out before we completed our mileage.

I’m still not used to the oppressive heat and humidity that this summer has given the midwest. I often feel like I’m just not cooling down. Technically, I’m not cooling down even by sweating when the sweat isn’t evaporating due to excessive humidity. I’ve also discovered that once the backs of my arms start sweating, I feel like I’ve stumbled through a spider web and it’s stuck to me. I don’t enjoy that feeling.

I enjoy running farther and a little faster each time, though. I enjoy getting out and seeing things like ducks walking around with their young, water rushing through the usually slower creek, and some of the dogs I see along the trail. These two dogs that live near the trail (their yard backs up to the trail) are gorgeous and I think they’re greyhounds. I usually tell them how pretty they are when I run by. They typically just stand by the fence and watch as I huff and puff my way past. The other day, they were standing and watching me, and some other people came from the other side on the trail and they went crazy barking and growling like I’d never heard them. I suppose telling them how pretty they are works to my advantage.

Things like that get me excited to get out again and run. Also, getting out with the group and meeting new people or getting to talk to someone I’ve met before gets me out there. I try to find something that makes me like the run even if in the moment, I feel miserable. I have to focus away from the weather being all wrong, sweat somehow getting in my eyes, having a wedgie, and my nasal passages swelling to only allow for mouth breathing. Yep, running is lovely. Then, when I’m done, I have the lovely sweat through my clothes in places that make it look quite unflattering. Guess what? I’ve also burned some calories, had some ‘me time’, and worked being a better runner. I enjoy running.

I am keeping up my strength training, also. I’m only at once a week now, since I took some time off and want to ease back in. I was pretty sore last week, so we’ll see this time. I’m also still eating better. I don’t drink a soda every day anymore and I’m more mindful of what I’m feeding myself. I stashed many different healthy snacks where I’d keep the less healthy ones. I still have a bit of sweet on occasion, though. Otherwise, I know myself well enough that I know I’d binge if I didn’t.

I have 11 weeks until race day. I’m running 13.1 miles. I have no intention of trying to place in the race. Really, finishing is my main focus. I’m excited, nervous, and proud.

I’m going to try to remember to keep up typing while I’m in training. My goal for this year was simply to run a half marathon. I’m going to do it!

Did you set a goal for 2015? Are you going to push yourself toward that goal? How are you going to do it? There’s still plenty of time left in the year to overcome those setbacks you’ve had.

3 thoughts on “One week down

  1. Awesome! I love the half marathon distance! I’m currently training for two fall half marathons!! Keep up the great work!

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