Jenn Propulsion

That was creative, right? I’m proud of that title. It has a double meaning. I need something to move myself forward, but I’m that thing that moves me forward. I’m the only person who can choose to do it.

I haven’t worked out in a couple of weeks. From the way my jeans squeeze me a little tighter in the waist to having trouble falling asleep at night, I’m feeling the effects of my sedentary habits . I am getting pretty good at excuses. I’m too tired and I don’t have time seem to me my favorites lately. I’m also angry that it doesn’t seem to get me where I want in my physical appearance or on the scale.

I think I will get out and run this weekend. The forecast is above freezing, so I’m hoping no more patches of ice everywhere. I understand that there are people who get out there when there is snow and ice on the ground. I admire their dedication. I’m not confident in my ability to stay vertical in those conditions. I feel that the sidewalk isn’t safe to run on and with snow banks on the side of the road, I would be unable to move for cars. It isn’t a matter of being cold. I’ve played with the kids by running around inside of the house, but that isn’t enough to count as exercise.

That’s still no excuse. I have an elliptical machine and I have my body that I could use to work out. I’m having a hard time setting aside that time for myself since I’m comfortable at home. I have a habit of telling myself I’ll do it later. So today, I’m saying it to my blog so I’m accountable. I will work out today for 30 minutes. I will work out 5 out of the next 7 days for at least 30 minutes per day. I’m the only thing in my way.

I’d like to assert that I don’t feel like my story is the story of everyone who is overweight. We all have our own struggle with it. Working out and being fit doesn’t get easier. You get better at it and you find new mountains to climb to stay fit. Sore muscles hurt and running isn’t easy. On the other hand, being overweight doesn’t feel great. Lack of muscle volume will put pressure on your joints and make short walks painful. So, while working out is painful now, you’ll thank yourself for it.

My depression is better than it was recently. I realized I haven’t been taking my vitamin supplements and it might have been a contributing factor in the decline in my mental health. I also know that I tend to feel better when I’m exercising regularly, so I need to get back into it for that benefit to myself.

I sat down to balance my finances and to shop wireless plans and I wound up typing this out. My little one that doesn’t go to school yet has finished coloring, so I suppose I’m finished with this entry. I appreciate you reading this. Any comments are welcome!

Do you find something that motivates you more than anything else when you’re in a workout rut?

One thought on “Jenn Propulsion

  1. I know it’s silly but honestly Just looking at myself naked helped me. And I bought myself somethings I’d never wear and I want to wear it by this summer. I’m 33. I’m not getting younger and the only person who can change me is me. I have to hold myself accountable and make my own game plan. But having my online friends cheering me on helps a lot too.

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