I’m a year older now

My birthday was Monday of this week. I’m now 34 years old. I have no great milestones to cover. This birthday was just like any other day. As is true for each one as you get older. It tends to serve as a reminder that I’m edging my way closer to old age.

I have not been great with my commitment to fitness. I didn’t enroll in the program for a 10k like I’d intended to. I haven’t been out running more than once this year. The weather really isn’t a good excuse, though. I have an elliptical machine in my bedroom and I could be using my free weights or resistance bands to get a good workout in. I’m making excuses. Shining a light through them is the only way to make sure that I’ll stop trying to use them and be committed. I can only blame myself for not being accountable for my commitment.

As far as eating healthy, I’m not doing poorly at it. I have caught myself snacking on sweets a couple of times. I’ve given in to soda cravings. I haven’t just scrapped the idea of eating healthy in spite of my mistakes. I made sure I had some iced tea ready to drink in place of sugary sweet soda. The tea has half of the sugar I used to drink in it. It still tastes good. I bought some of my favorite snacks that aren’t sugary or starchy. My favorites include colby jack cheese with an apple (think caramel apple), snap peas (raw or roasted with pepper like fries), and broccoli slaw.

While the scale has not budged much in either direction, I’m still getting healthier. Of course I get down on myself for not looking like Kate Upton does. I want to look as good as I feel. Honestly, who doesn’t want to look good? Fortunately, my husband is constantly supportive and complimentary. He tells me that even if I don’t see it, he can tell the difference. That’s actually really encouraging to me. So is hearing from a friend that I help motivate her to get fit. I can’t stress enough how support is a major part of this journey.

Is there someone you’ve seen that looks like they’ve lost weight or taken up a physical fitness hobby that you think deserves a compliment? Is it difficult because you feel a little unsure about yourself?

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