Starting 2015

Welcome to 2015! The year is fresh and the self intimidation to get fit and shed those extra pounds is strong with those who have made resolutions. This is also the time of year where the gym is full of inexperienced people who may or may not drop off after a month or so. It is tempting to give the inexperienced people dirty looks or talk badly about them. After all, they don’t belong in your gym…right? Wrong. They also pay the fees, so now they’re part of your gym family. Unless you’ve just been going to the gym your whole life, you were once new to the scene. How did the reactions of others affect you? What do you wish other people would have done to help you along? It isn’t wrong to give a gentle reminder to re-rack your weights, respect the water fountain, or wipe the machines. They need to make those things a habit just as much as working out. It also isn’t wrong to give someone a thumbs up that is working his/her butt off on a machine or in a class. A smile from a stranger goes a long way and any kind of encouragement could be the difference between giving up and working harder.

Last night, I went on my first social run of the new year with my local running store. It was more crowded than any one I’ve been to before. It was hard to break out of the group once we started the run. I figured it was because of people deciding “new year, new me.” Once we were out on the run, it spread out and I was able to enjoy my first run of the new year. As I passed the other women in my group, I panted a cheerful, “Great job!” A couple of the others even beat me to it and said it first. It felt good. I didn’t feel like running when I left the house. I thought about going back home before I set foot into the store where we start our run. It was a fun and positive experience for me and hopefully the other people involved.

I am focusing more on resistance training and not running. I haven’t started the plan I made on the Nike App because I didn’t think I would be able to follow closely with the holiday planning and travel. My plan for 2015 involves meeting nutrition goals, but I’m excited to train for a 10k and a half marathon. I plan to enroll in the training programs offered by Fleet Feet, which is the running store where I do social runs. I think that having a group training program will make me more accountable than using a virtual coach.

I enjoy sharing my journey with other people. I don’t talk when I run or work out, but I like letting people know they’re doing well. I like knowing when I’m doing something well. My virtual fitness friends are important to my journey. I am more likely to go out for a run if a friend has logged more miles than me. I’m more likely to go for a run if I’ve put all the Fleet Feet social runs on my calendar like they’re appointments.

I wish everyone, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, a happy and healthy 2015. I hope that you can get moving this year. I hope that you find balance in your nutrition habits.

Have you checked out resources available in your community to meet your fitness goals? Is your fitness plan realistic for your goal?

*Thanks for reading! Please let me know if there is a subject you’d like me to cover. I’d be happy to do some research if I’m not familiar with it. I’m not officially endorsing any product or business that I mention in the blog.

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