Shifting focus

I completed my third 5k race of the year. I didn’t beat my best time. I ran my behind off, though. I thought I was getting sick right before the 3 mile marker. It wasn’t pretty, but I made it without hurling my breakfast on the road. I was training in the cold for a race that turned out the temperature was near 50 degrees, which is hot when you’ve run in the teens and 20’s for practice. The temperature was a reason in the way that I felt nearing the finish line. I told a fellow runner about my experience and she told me that she’s proud when she’s ran hard and finished. She’s right. I did both.

Now that I’m finished training in 2014 and there are no races in the foreseeable future for me, I’m shifting my focus. I’ll still be running in the cold with groups on Mondays and I’ll still be getting in some good running. I’m starting a plan that will focus more on weight and resistance training with running as the lesser focus of the program. I had the Nike Training Camp application form a 4 week plan based on my goal and I’m not sure I’ll be starting immediately, but that is the direction I’m taking with my journey.

I enjoy running and challenging myself to get faster and run greater distances. With resistance and weight training on the back burner, I don’t know if I’m getting the results I’m desiring. We’re also entering the colder months where I won’t enjoy running 4-5 nights a week. I plan to run a half marathon in 2015. I plan to begin training in the warmer months, though. So, we’ll see if shifting my focus awhile on building strength will ultimately help me with my fitness goals.

Those of you who are curious, I ran the 5k in 31:11. My best time so far has been 30:01 in a 5k. I was 1177th of 4920 runners and 719th of 3780 female runners. I didn’t fare too poorly for my 3rd ever 5k race. I’m proud that I trained and I finished the race. I had fun and I learned more about what I’m capable of.

Thanks for reading. Are you starting to think about your fitness goals for 2015? I recommend making sure they are realistic and healthy, and make your plan with milestones to pass.  This helps you gauge your progress and have something to see as complete as you work your way to the big goal. I think it is a better way to set yourself up for feeling good about your goal.

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