Progress report 4/10/2014

I’ve been keeping up with healthy eating and working out since committing to it.  I can’t say that everything I’ve eaten has been healthy, but I try to stay within a reasonable calorie range and I’ve been working out.  There have been days where I don’t want to work out at all and I somehow talk myself into it.  

One thing about deciding to get back into shape is that I’ve been a little more stressed out lately.  Changing my life takes a lot of planning ahead from day to day and meal to meal.  I’m not going to use it as an excuse to give up.  Some days, it clicks more easily than others.  Those other days, I try to accept that everything doesn’t have to be be perfect.

I’m still obsessing with the number on the scale.  I read things that inspire me to forget it, but the belief that I must be a certain weight is deep in my head.  My non scale victories are worth bragging about.  I can go the full 30 minute cycle on my elliptical program without stopping.  I can do more reps with weights without taking a break.  My pants fit the same, but they aren’t tighter and that’s a win.

What I’m learning is not simple as how to be more fit, but to think more highly of myself regardless of my size.  There are so many other things that I have to be proud of than the pounds lost.  Can you list one positive thing about yourself each day for a week?  You might find that you’re pretty great.

Also: My 5 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow.  My husband and I bought ourselves a new bed as a gift to each other.  The mattress was delivered today and I’m impatiently awaiting my sheets and comforter set.  We went from a queen to a king sized bed and from somewhat firm to softer.  I’m hoping that this improves my quality of sleep.  Maybe I won’t have to spend so much time talking myself in to a workout if I’m well rested.

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