Title here (not a typo, that is the title of this one)

It seems like sometimes the title is the only thing keeping me from writing or publishing a blog post.  I’m afraid if I title it wrong, people won’t want to read it or they’ll mistake the subject matter.  I mainly write for my own enjoyment.  Often, something will happen in my everyday life that I think I should blog about later, only to forget until it seems much less important by the time I get around to putting it into words.  

I write my title line before I write my post in an attempt to keep myself on target regarding what I was planning to post about.  I rarely do more than glance over the final product before I publish.  It isn’t that I don’t care.  Its that if I let myself get into it, I’ll whittle away at it and change it until it doesn’t resemble my initial idea.  Even worse, I’ll read through and decide it isn’t worth publishing and delete it all.  My own criticism is probably worse than anyone else could offer.  

I’ve read many blog posts by many different people.  I’ve been working up the courage to discuss the things I want to without fear of judgement from people I know and people I don’t.  I have depression and anxiety.  They’re both very real to me, but I know there are people out there who believe its only a mind over matter issue.  Sometimes, that opinion of it makes me think I might be suffering because I’m too weak to fight back against it.  The people who roll their eyes at those of us who know that these are illnesses, are the people who have been fortunate enough not to suffer from it.  I want to write about it so maybe I can get through to people who do suffer that we are not imagining this, we are not weak because of it, and that we are not alone in our fight.  

So, I don’t want to title my posts because fear that the label might not be sufficient to describe the content.  Labeling myself as someone who suffers from depression and anxiety shouldn’t be something that categorizes who I am.  You might not know by looking at me when I’m having a particularly bad episode with either or both.  You might not care.  I’m not here for the people who can’t accept mental illnesses as real.  I’m not here to convince anyone to believe.  I just want to ensure people that there is someone just as weird, if not more weird than, they think they are.  

So, while my posts will always have a title, they might not capture all of the content.  Very few labels do.

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